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This is a very old account. I finally gained access after trying to remember my email used to register this account. It turns out I had deleted my email attached to this account a long, long time ago either by manually deleting the email or the company automatically deleted it due to inactivity. I was able to finally log in and change whatever password I had long forgotten after recreating the email. Luckily, I somehow figured out what email it was by trying to log in many other accounts I own here. For some reason, I had a strong flashback of an email I used to create this account and then I instantly remembered what email it was used with this account. Now, I'm finally back, but under a different alias. What's with my profile picture? I was at a friend's place while we were in middle school, I cooked the both of us some fried rice with slices of SPAM and scrambled eggs mixed with green onions on the side. I needed a profile picture created from myself and thus, the picture has been created and uploaded somewhere between 2005-2006, I don't remember. I still love fried rice and SPAM to this day. . . I miss my friends. Many of them I don't exactly remember anymore, so I removed them off my friends list because of inactivity and/or me not having any connections with them. Sensitivityx was a great friend of mine and somewhere along the times where we've talked, I developed feelings for her and I really doubt she had any feelings for me. I tried meeting up with her when I traveled down to her state, but I think she was too hesitant to meet up and hang out. To be honest, I don't blame her. To hang out with someone you don't really know in person? Sounds crazy, right? I guess she didn't knew me all that well, and today, I respect that. I'm sure my past self would also respect it. We don't talk anymore, nor do I talk to anyone on my current friends list. Except one person, lilkrazyboi, who is my cousin. We're bound by family and by blood, we're proud.
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CDCan writes...
at 7:36:28pm on 3/9/15
last 10 ffr games played….no data found hahaha =D
Etous writes...
at 12:04:50pm on 7/13/08
Why THANK you.
Etous writes...
at 3:58:24pm on 2/25/08
Ahaha how about a
every once in awhile in them picture comments.
TYROMENIA writes...
at 6:18:25pm on 12/16/07
Xiaounlimited writes...
at 3:38:11pm on 11/15/07
Yeah, you can use my v3 images.
Thanks for asking first.
massflavour writes...
at 8:41:54pm on 10/20/07
no, r1=ffr the game.
~GJampa writes...
at 7:25:36am on 10/20/07
Cough u dont accept PM's lol oh well my aim sn is gj4mp4 (barely on it, jus' for FFR people mainly).
~GJampa writes...
at 7:23:50am on 10/20/07
Dude been so long since we talked, if ya remember me lol. I jus' checked sum old comments n then I saw u, Ima addu2 friends so I won't forget ya that quick oh and I made a aim now ill pm it 2u. Dunno why ya got banned, prolly cuz sum gay reason ive been banned once for givin token hints lol. Well peace out hope 2 hear from u sumtime.
Diiamonds writes...
at 3:21:44pm on 10/7/07
jhuss surfing the net....bored.. lol
Diiamonds writes...
at 7:40:43pm on 10/6/07
teehee ..awesome job! good memory ..lol ..so whts up??
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