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3D Modeler, Artist, Gamer. I've got a cat, and sometimes she "helps" me play.
Anime, Art, Books, Crafts, Games, Music.
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Classical, EDM, this and that, I'm usually not too picky.
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Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi ... etc
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MarcusHawkins writes at 9:52:00pm on 7/31/19
v What that guy said. How have things been?
The_Popo writes at 6:05:12pm on 6/10/19
heyyy long time no talk. remember me ?
Toxophilis writes at 12:26:03pm on 2/19/19
LMAO its okay xd dont worry about it buddy
Toxophilis writes at 6:50:41pm on 12/3/18
hurry and post your score! i want a rival D:
potasium56 writes at 11:09:06pm on 3/17/18
Cool profile
evil smoke writes at 8:50:51pm on 2/22/16
I'm doing great. How are you?
beary605 writes at 8:22:36pm on 2/22/16
i'd love to come but parents + dont think i'd fit in very well yet, y'all being 20-ish :( so i'm gonna hold off on attending for now. thanks for the extra heads-up though :)
evil smoke writes at 7:16:06pm on 2/22/16
No I wasn't. That's really cool. But I don't wan't to come. Thanks for the invite though. Hope you FFR'ers have fun.
kjman472 writes at 8:44:00pm on 11/10/15
I feel ya. After my animation classes, my parents tried to push computer science or network security on me. As much as I love computers and building them etc, I just have no interest in that. I really wanna open up a gaming lounge someday. Kind of like Ignite in Chicago. Until then, teacher? Graphic Designer? I dunno. The world is my oyster!
arcnmx writes at 11:38:57am on 11/9/15
mmm I heard~!