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Stuck At Home, No Longer Washed Up
Posted on: April 6, 2020, at 01:25:17am

Well, looks like I finally got all the rust off. I even managed to get up to Lv.86 and raise alot of scores already (A Quick Death, Canary Part V, Japan Style Breakcore, My Half FC, 12 Bar Bloops, and so many others). There's also an FFR discord now, and it's been so awesome re-connecting with people I used to talk to and be rivals with, and even get to know people who are new to me that are just murdering this game. (THERE ARE 8 DIVISIONS NOW??? WTF Y'ALL.)

Anyway, what better way, to make my way back to the scene and spend all this free time at home by entering a tournament, to see if I can really keep up with the present-day D6 crew.

ROUND 1: Flesvelka (83) // 7-0-0-2

What can I say. It's a bmah chart, and it never stops reminding me that it's a bmah chart. Kinda surprised I got the SDG, it isn't too hard but i was constantly shaking trying to keep a good run together. 15th for the round, good enough. Maybe I'll go for the AAA, but i REALLY have to be in the right mood to play this without getting boned.

ROUND 2: 8bit Adventurer (85) // 11-3-2-2

Okay, this song wrecked me pretty hard the first couple of plays but I understand it now. Getting my hands to keep up in every part in one run is tough though, it seems like every time I play this, I AAA different parts while bombing random sections. Not exactly happy with the score right now, I should be able to clean this up to a clean SDG by the end of the round but if not, hopefully I can sneak into Round 3. Everyone is so, so good nowadays and if I'm gonna feel like I deserve to be in D6, I really need to work.

ROUND 3: Tageri (87) // 8-0-2-1

I was literally playing this song 10 minutes before it was announced for this round, so...I guess that's good? I'm glad that the one of my favorite 87's got picked, I actually won'e mind grinding this as opposed to last round. But these mindblocks yo THESE MINDBLOCKS YO. I need to put together a solid run, I could theoretically get maybe 7 or 8 goods FC, maybe a boo or 2. This is gonna be a hectic round but I've already cut the good count in half, so....starting off with a very messy 16g run.

edit: hngghhhhh 12-0-1-2 now. it's alot better, but i also completely bonked what could have been a 2-3g FC

edit2: WOW 2G UNTIL THE ENDING AND I COMPLETELY BONKED AGAIN. :( 8-0-2-1 is better than what I had but only by 1.8 raw goods. I'm still in 11th place...ughhhhh. Looks likt it'll be enough to get through, but I'm not exactly happy with the score. Hopefully R4 is a little less mindblocky.

ROUND 4: Canary Part V (92) // 48-7-7-14 //ELIMINATED//

OKAY THE DIFFICULTY WENT WAY UP FOR ROUND 4. This chart has one of the most mindblock-y intros for me and I'm glad I got a 90k early on, because replicating that on command is going to be very, very hard. Or, I could learn to hit the jumpjacks more consistently. Fuck this chart. Fuck. WHYYYYYYYY. Getting through this will be as close as it can get.

edit: Yeah, this is the end of the road. I love this song and chart, but i cannot be fucked to keep grinding this chart. Good luck to everyone moving on, and I'll ghost the last 4 songs just to see what happens. ^_^