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Location:Dodge City, Kansas, USA
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Cakemanjake's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
My name is Jacob, I like to play music, disc golf, ride m y track bike, game too much, and you know, the usual everyday things.
Listening\Creating music Track Bikes Computer programming Food Anime Food Did I say food?
Fav Music:
Ummm a lot of the 80's hit home with me. I also love Irish folk Rock, of course I love rock.
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shonen7 writes...
at 1:06:27pm on 7/7/20
_DJ Vinyl_ writes...
at 10:37:20pm on 8/23/19
I'm bout to Yeet myself outta FFR
_DJ Vinyl_ writes...
at 7:35:36pm on 7/5/16
Rapta writes...
at 5:53:58pm on 8/27/15
euphoriakisses writes...
at 3:31:50pm on 4/26/15
Well I certainly wish you the best :D
euphoriakisses writes...
at 7:42:50am on 4/26/15
Oh, that's nifty. ^_^
euphoriakisses writes...
at 4:37:21pm on 4/25/15
Hey, sorry for the tremendously late reply. I used to be active on here everyday like 5-6 years ago but not so much anymore. Where are you moving? I'm doing good thanks, I just moved from my hometown as well.
euphoriakisses writes...
at 10:29:06pm on 4/8/15
No problem. How's it going? :)
_DJ Vinyl_ writes...
at 5:43:24pm on 4/6/15
well gotten over my girlfriend and it looks like ahh yes, busy as usual but still have time for FFR
_DJ Vinyl_ writes...
at 9:01:08pm on 10/19/14
Well you tried, hope you root for me to win!
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