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Hmm.. well my name is Luis. Im a jr. in high school. anything u want to know just ask.
Anything that has Arrows... lol Halo 1,2,3. all of my friends
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mostly rock, and anything that catches my attention.
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TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 5:47:30am on 11/27/07
ah just posted about that yeah just read the latest random thought
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 6:20:22am on 9/15/07
lol im better then most kids at my school
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 5:34:13am on 9/14/07
well i've been playing for 12 years so yeah i think im pretty good at it
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 7:52:55pm on 9/7/07
depends on wat class most im doing good in but im slacking on HW because of soccer
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 5:20:44am on 9/4/07
its kool but the teachers all have such annoying voices
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 3:50:19pm on 9/3/07
im a freshie
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 2:17:02pm on 9/3/07
yeah i only play on the weekends since school started and i really suck now its pissing me off
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 5:13:30am on 9/3/07
yeah i've passed it i had passed it when i played u XD and i finally got bb revenge
MCRenaissance writes...
at 2:18:26am on 7/29/07
It's not difficult, man.

You got your game, simfiles, chat, and forums.

Mess around with it
MCRenaissance writes...
at 12:10:48pm on 7/21/07
Hey, what's up?
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