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Im 20yrs old. turning 21 on (feb-4th) *man im getting old* and i have nothin else 2 say.. goodbye =p
wat do u care... YOU DONT KNOW ME SON!!
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TECHNO 4SHO.. a lil rock and some spanish music..
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lets just say.. anything with comedy,horror and ACTION!!
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Posted on: March 1, 2007, at 05:37:30pm   [0 comments]
Index Fingers =P all the way

Comment wall
catcat472 writes...
at 6:00:40pm on 11/12/09
sup man nice profile
birdgirlxx2003 writes...
at 11:04:37pm on 6/4/08
hey i havent talked to u in a while so thought i would drop by and say hi so HI!!!
APOKOLIPS99 writes...
at 2:56:23pm on 8/16/07
BoRiS X RaD writes...
at 2:58:10am on 8/11/07
whats up man. you play index just like me! thats awsome. are you any good?
birdgirlxx2003 writes...
at 7:10:13pm on 7/14/07
hey i havnt seen u in a while so i wanted to say hi and congrats on being a elite supportor
Uchiha808 writes...
at 12:36:19am on 7/14/07
I used to have the same avi....
FoFin writes...
at 3:12:23am on 6/27/07
Elite Supporter!! :D And plays a lot also...
Check this, hope you like it!
http://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=Hn4EX rsR1_0
Sunako_Nakahara_Girl writes...
at 10:21:23pm on 6/2/07
My dad made me delete my profile.
I’ve been good
Sunako_Nakahara_Girl writes...
at 8:35:31pm on 6/2/07
It’s nice to hear from u too.
So how have u been?
Sunako_Nakahara_Girl writes...
at 6:49:24am on 6/1/07
o(^-^)o Hey! hehe nice.
ya i know it has been a really REALLY long time since I've talked to u.
nothin' much been really busy with school work , I'm kinda nervus cause tomorrow I'm doing a musical, think I'm gunna mess up.
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