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Motion City Soundtrack. The Lonely Forest. Stars. Us On Roofs. Young Status. Man Overboard. Yea Yea Yeas. Kate Nash. Safe and Sound. Sleepy Eyes Of Death. Bring Me The Horizon. TV On The Radio. Mazzy Star. Third Eye Blind. I actually still like these bands...
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Shaun Of The Dead. 28 Days Later. Fun With Dick and Jane. Trainspotting. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. The Immaculate Conception Of Little Dizzle. Death Proof. Howl's Moving Castle. Full Metal Alchemist. Futurama. Jackass. Bruce Almighty. Blazing Saddles. Zombie Land. Night Of The Living Dead.
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rookiejunior writes...
at 2:41:55pm on 1/25/20
i just came back LOL omg reading our old messages from 2013 sheeesh, we gotta play again tbh <3 also what you've been up to lately?
rookiejunior writes...
at 11:01:14am on 1/24/20
holy shit O.O !!! how long has it been? LMAAAO
SD_dk writes...
at 11:05:17am on 1/5/14
whoa whoa whoa lol my bad
SD_dk writes...
at 11:48:42am on 12/23/13
can you be my lover?? haha(;
SD_dk writes...
at 7:48:43pm on 9/27/13
hey!(: shall be bustin this when i get back on monday!:p should practice together n get our skills back! haha
rookiejunior writes...
at 3:28:30pm on 7/19/13
well ... i started a youtube and omg i got tipsy as fuck xD ! i regret doing it lmfao but yeah summers great actually
rookiejunior writes...
at 4:13:49pm on 7/14/13
OMFG :DDDDDD !!!!!! I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER REPLY BUT U DID <3333 AND i've been ... pretty great hbu ?
rookiejunior writes...
at 8:28:05pm on 7/13/13
i miss you :(
Ichigo no Fett writes...
at 6:45:51am on 11/7/12
hi stranger XD
TheChaosEmblem writes...
at 3:51:21pm on 10/13/12
Level 17? >.>
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