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Ok . . . ok . . . I leik cats. so much.
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thenoob27 writes...
at 3:57:16am on 9/26/18
if you still renember parasol , accept mai friend req :3
BrokenKeysEverywhere writes...
at 12:18:25am on 10/19/17
;-; where art thou companions
BrokenKeysEverywhere writes...
at 5:54:06am on 10/27/16
Scottek writes...
at 11:24:25pm on 5/12/16
Where are yooooouuuuu?!?!?! :(
BrokenKeysEverywhere writes...
at 12:01:23am on 3/4/16
Sure am, s2k XD And why hello there brucetek
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 3:04:36am on 3/1/16
woahhhhh congrats on your first 1000 games. You're in for it now. There's no escaping FFR after that. You play your first 1000 games and then you're hooked for life. :P
Scottek writes...
at 2:51:33am on 2/27/16
botchi246 writes...
at 12:50:33am on 2/15/16
yah i keep lagging out
BrokenKeysEverywhere writes...
at 4:33:12am on 12/17/15
neato, hi :D Cheers to you two too
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 12:20:16am on 12/14/15
First person to post on your wall.