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I love to make my friends and family laugh!I also like to play soccer with my awesome teamates,and my goalie is awesome too!I play Offance and sometimes Deffence....I love it when me and my sis jump on the trapoline together!I also love going to the mall,because I love clothes and I love the fashion kind of clothes......I also love goign on Quizilla.com it is so much fun trying other peoples fantasic Quizes!My favite color is purple and blue and red and green...I also love goign to the pool and going down the slide and tgoign off the diving board and doing awesome and fun tricks!I also love to write I love to write because my teacher encuraed me to write a story so now I am writing a story called Breea and Her Three Wishes it is a story about a girl named Breea and she gets a magic fairy that gives her three wishes and when Breea only has one wish left she wishes for three more..And every time she gets back to one she wishes for three more but sometime she might stop and might have to use that last one to help someone that might die if she does not help!
I love to ice skate with my family!And i love skiing with my mom and my sisters.I also love playing basketball with my friends at school!I also love to play soccer with my great Teamates!
Fav Music:
Rock and Hip Hop,I also like some classic but only a little...^-^ ^o^ ^_^
Fav Movies:
High School Musical, Hairspray,Heros,And Stardust.National Treasure one and two,Dare Devil,Just Visiting,and Pirates of the Caribbean one two and three...
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Darkbreezee writes...
at 6:39:05pm on 9/18/09
wow awesome profile "animes ftw jäy *-* " x,D
uhm well *upvotez*, and well uhm .., would u mind to be my friend? ^_^
and well your avatar reminds me of a person ..., but i cannot remember ._.
well nice to meet ya , my name's Patrick ^-^
greeze from germany =p:
Ðârk ^.~
kevin123@yahoo.com writes...
at 12:25:08pm on 7/6/09
i don't no ^^
kevin123@yahoo.com writes...
at 9:31:23pm on 6/19/09
add me
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 4:23:13pm on 3/28/09
your welcome
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 9:06:19pm on 3/27/09
its ok
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 2:17:40am on 3/27/09
you are not mean why do you say that are
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 11:21:23pm on 3/23/09
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 11:20:57pm on 3/23/09
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 11:20:34pm on 3/23/09
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 11:20:22pm on 3/23/09
its ok i do not think your greedy
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