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Bobbot's Gameplay Stats Today
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I am 18 (Fuck Yeah!) and live in Michigan. I love FFR and WoW. They are practically the only two things I do on my computer. Other than searching the internet. I am getting better at FFR and hope to be one of the best someday.
FFR, WoW (World of Warcraft), Other Video Games, Magic The Gathering Cards, Swimming, Reading, Writing.
Fav Music:
Anything but country and rap. But techno and rock are my favorites.
Fav Movies:
LOTR, Harry Potter Movies, James Bond Movies, Transformers, Live Free Or Die Hard, & many, many others!
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W00t! Eight Full Rows Of Skill Tokens!
Posted on: April 17, 2008, at 02:54:04pm   [0 comments]
Awesome, I just now unlocked the Starman skill token. Now I have 8 full rows of them!!! GO ME. =)

I Need Help...
Posted on: December 23, 2007, at 11:59:14pm   [1 comment]
8000 total games played on FFR. Sheesh... Went by quick. Least I got halfway decent at the game. It's still loads of fun for me to! ON TO 10,000! Lol...

Posted on: November 13, 2007, at 03:41:55pm   [0 comments]
My overall rank is below 1000!!! YAY!!! =)

Vote On My Profile!
Posted on: September 16, 2007, at 09:12:35pm   [4 comments]
Vote me up people! I will return the vote pronto! =D

W00t, Pwned Alpha Helix.
Posted on: July 6, 2007, at 09:37:11pm   [1 comment]
Yay! I AAA'ed Alpha Helix! One more step closer to greatness! I think...

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DragonIIDX writes...
at 1:19:47am on 11/9/10
badass bg
Bobbot writes...
at 12:26:13pm on 10/7/09
Zomg! Epic new profile pics! =D!
datenshi-requiem writes...
at 3:09:30pm on 4/15/09
Haha we are already friends on here. :)
Oh man and I made it to top friends too. How win. XD
How's it going?
datenshi-requiem writes...
at 2:33:49pm on 4/14/09
Good job at kicking my butt mister.
EvolutionFreak14 writes...
at 2:28:45pm on 4/14/09
yeah its another way the game creators cheated us, but anyway wat other games do you like?
EvolutionFreak14 writes...
at 11:29:43am on 4/14/09
witch Boss waz hardest for to beat? imo sephiroth waz hardest til i got to level 88.
cheetahluver99 writes...
at 11:42:43pm on 4/12/09
hey wats up? luv your profile =D
insomniac_platypus writes...
at 6:34:31pm on 4/4/09
Hayy!!!! Long time no see! =P
StoleaSanta writes...
at 8:34:44pm on 3/26/09
Even so, you're doing really good for not being as active. xD
StoleaSanta writes...
at 11:00:41pm on 3/20/09
Coulda been 1 or 2 goods. :(
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