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I'm 26 years old. I love anime and video games. I also like to play golf and hang out with my friends.
DDR, Stepmania, Anime, FFR, MMO's, H-Games, Online Poker, Weather, console games, Golf, TV.
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OSTER Project, J-pop and J-rock. I like Almost everything except most country and rap.
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Interstella 5555 is my favorite. I also like all of Hayao Miyazaki's movies.
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組曲『ニコニコ動画』 全自動マリ
Posted on: August 16, 2008, at 07:21:57pm   [2 comments]

Posted on: June 25, 2008, at 04:10:44pm   [7 comments]
If you know any good Anime please tell me. I'm always looking for new anime to watch.

Anime that i've seen lately

•FullMetal Alchemist 4/5 ~ My first Anime
•The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia 5/5 ~ My favorite
•Kanon 5/5 ~ One of my favorites
•Ef ~ a tale of memories 4/5
•Elfen Lied 4/5 ~ wish it was longer =(
•Air 5/5 ~ good but sad
•Lucky Star 4/5 :3
•Death Note 4/5
•Kodomo no Jikan 4/5 ~lolis
•Clannad 4/5
•Ai Yori Aoshi 4/5
•Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi 3/5
•Full Metal Panic 3/5
•Full Metal Panic Fumoffu 3/5
•Full Metal Panic TSR 4/5
•Mushi-shi 5/5
•Azumanga Daioh 4/5
•Honey and Clover I 3/5
•Honey and Clover II 4/5
•Nodame Cantabile 4/5
•School Days 2/5 ~ Nice bloody ending
•Myself Yourself 3/5 ~Good but nothing special
•School Rumble 3/5
•School Rumble nigakki 4/5
•Ichigo 100% 2/5
•Spice and Wolf 4/5 ~ Horo is prob one of my favorite characters.
•Samurai X 5/5
•Kimi ga Nozomu Eien 3/5
•Lamune 3/5
•Shakugan no Shana I 4/5
•Shakugan no Shana II 3/5
•H20 Footprints in the Sand 3/5
•Sola 3/5 ~ Bad ending
•Karin 3/5
•True Tears 3/5
•Code Geass 5/5
•REC 4/5 ~ Short and sweet
•Shuffle 2/5
•Chrno Crusade 4/5
•Strawberry Panic 4/5 ~ Good yuri anime
•Summer of the UFO's 4/5
•Zero no Tsukaima I 4/5
•Zero no Tsukaima II 3/5
•Zero no Tsukaima III 4/5
•Hayate no Gotoku 3/5 ~ Funny but not much story. sadly
•Higurashi no Naku Koroni 5/5 ~ Epic
•Konokon 1/5 ~ Ecchi and not much else
•Vampire Knight 3/5
•To Love-Ru 2/5
•Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora 4/5
•Kimikiss pure rouge 5/5 ~ Big surprise
•Tsukihime 5/5 ~ Played VN. Man this was epic
•Tokimeki Memorial 3/5
•Welcome to the NHK 5/5 ~ Another one of my favorites
•Utawarerumono 4/5 Played the game. really fun.
•Fate/Stay Night 5/5 ~ Played the VN. way better than anime.
•Koi Kaze 5/5 ~ Sister Complex FTW?
•Chobits 4/5 ~ u uu u uu yeaa.
•Kino no Tabi 5/5
•Toradora! 5/5 ~ Getting even better
•Clannad After Story 4/5
•Chaos Head 4/5 ~ Messed up show
•Cowboy Bebop 5/5 ~ Started this a little late.
•Sumomomo momo mo 4/5 ~ Some really good scenes
•ToAru Majutsu no Index 3/5 ~ getting better.
•Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka 3/5
•Full Moon o Shagashite 4/5
•Saikano 4/5
•Sword art Online 5/5 Each episode is fresh. One of the
best ive seen.
•Attack on titan 5/5 Pure epicness.

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177 MaxX writes...
at 12:06:36pm on 11/2/10
hiya :)
disnikbmw writes...
at 3:33:29pm on 7/6/09
ohz really? thats cool you jus cropd it to fit the baner size?
disnikbmw writes...
at 9:25:47pm on 6/28/09
really? dang i jus took a lucky guess lol you make it?
disnikbmw writes...
at 3:24:51pm on 6/28/09
heyz watsup ^-^
whoa... cool banner i really like it an bg !! iz it hell girl?
anime91 writes...
at 5:04:21pm on 12/22/08
hello^^ wats up. we haven't talked in a really, really, REALLY, long time.
Harp of Altara writes...
at 10:42:08pm on 11/13/08
Really? That's good! Be sure to tell me what you think, so I can fangirl about it to you. I'd definitely try to get into Fruits Basket - it's worth it! In comparison, I don't really have any qualms with the slight shoujo-ai in Simoun.
Yes, I have played Tales of Symphonia, though I never managed to get too far into the game, due to school starting and whatnot.
Harp of Altara writes...
at 9:40:50pm on 11/10/08
I really hope the second season is every bit as good as the first.
If you want romance-heavy shows, I'd recommend Fruits Basket and the movie 5cm Per Second, though I have a soft spot for Pretear myself.
You might also want to check out Ghost Hound (psychological thriler with the cutest relationship ever), Noein (deep sci-fi epic with some heart-wrenching romance scenes), and Simoun (incredible chracter development and interactions, if you don't mind slight shoujo-ai).
STARLov314 writes...
at 2:20:25pm on 11/9/08
i am getting better but its not completely gone yet & the meds. make my throut dry, but im ok, and who r u watching
STARLov314 writes...
at 1:47:17pm on 11/9/08
hey wats up?
Harp of Altara writes...
at 1:33:00am on 11/9/08
Your banner is incredibly breathtaking. It also comes from a good show.
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