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Blue June
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A midwestern gal, I know how to drive in the snow and have fun with it.
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Depends on mood, but DMX is gonna give it to ya!
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richyrich55 writes...
at 8:09:42am on 12/11/17
Hey Im sorry I never got back to you. I am sort of a transient FFR vet. But I must say, you are gorgeous :)
Dinglesberry writes...
at 8:51:28am on 1/26/17
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiFBgtgUtfw you don't like polish music? ;_; tri tri tri tri poloskiii
richyrich55 writes...
at 12:27:39am on 8/10/16
Hey! How'd you like the city I live in? :) I looove the icewine we make here.
Spenner writes...
at 5:29:44am on 8/3/16
Eek, 3 months ago I was far more what you'd call studious, nonetheless, been studying the endocrine system and how it relates to human behavior as well as neuropsychology. So, it'll be exciting to go to the labs with it one day.
Spenner writes...
at 6:43:43am on 6/26/16
Do you do research at all? Medical laboratory is quite a general thing! Just curious. I do research on my own turf but I never went to school for it.
cedolad writes...
at 7:06:09pm on 5/30/16
Yeah you can only really close profiles. Kinda lame.
cedolad writes...
at 6:36:40pm on 5/30/16
Profile chat, the forums and stuff haha. Lot easier making friends in there, at least I'd say so.
cedolad writes...
at 10:33:12pm on 5/26/16
I like how I often see you in the "recently updated profiles" section, but never anywhere else on ffr :P
Dynam0 writes...
at 9:32:35pm on 5/7/16
Yep definitely not related to my education but it's a job! (the job market for teachers in my area is super saturated right now). I am qualified to teach high school level chem + physics yes
Dynam0 writes...
at 9:09:16am on 5/7/16
My degree was actually in Chemistry so I had to take quite a bit of those courses, it really is a mix of math with memorization/knowledge. That said I ended up completing teacher's college and am currently working for an insurance company. Time well spent right?? hahaha
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