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=D Add meh! I'm friendly and things.
Rhythm games, RPG/action/adventure.
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DJ Sharpnel, Vocaloid. J-core, J-pop, metal.
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Horror, Comedy.
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: December 13, 2014, at 09:42:50pm   [0 comments]
[X] 11- Dendrite
[X] 6- Euphoria [Antinomie]
[X] 24- The Lion's Dance
[X] 30- Entry of the Gladiator, Op.68
[X] 28- Desperation ~Pandemic Day Mix~
[X] 8- Aquarium
[X] 13- No One
[X] 34- Garden Party
[X] 23- W
[X] 9- Raindrops
[X] 2- Twisted Hide and Seek
Posted on: December 3, 2014, at 10:26:15pm   [0 comments]
[X] 5- Too Tight
[X] 29- Elektrik Shiivers
[X] 44- Wrath
[X] 44- Strawberry Music
[X] 24- Atop the World
[X] 27- Solar Force
[X] 63- Pimp Slap
[X] 39- Xuxa
[X] 45- Hardcore of the North
[X] 23- N's Farewell
[X] 12- Dishwater
[X] 16- The Essential
[X] 34- Tied The Room Together
[X] 51- Ruins (Hey cool)
[X] 31- Politically Correct Holiday Song
[X] 37- White Book
[X] 43- Session (Ghost in the Machine Remix)
[X] 7- the Return F SuperDouble
[X] 5- Spontaneous Hydroxide
[X] 48- Monkey Island
[X] 50- On the Origin of Species (Evolution)
Posted on: November 27, 2014, at 04:54:35pm   [0 comments]
[X] 46- Vanishing Gungaroon
[X] 33- Science Genius Girl (Robotkid's Lameboy Mix)
[X] 48- Hyper Pressure
[X] 31- sign of hero -the third dream fragment-
[X] 58- Takecore of Yourself (whhooooo, didn't expect to get that)
[X] 39- NEXT STAGE!!
[X] 39- iPatch's OP
[X] 42- Smash Podcast
[X] 47- Yoshi's Cookie
[X] 32- Emerald Hill (Metaljounus Mix)
[X] 53- Dazzling Soul
[X] 29- Speed Limit 38
[X] 44- Futari, Hajimari.
[X] 47- Fall
[X] 44- J219 (Ura-Rokkou Mix)
[X] 41- Harry Potter Techno Remix
[X] 42- Sly
[X] 8- Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Theme #1
[X] 11- She Bangs (William Hung Version)
[X] 7- Resistance
[X] 10- 136.6
Posted on: November 23, 2014, at 03:29:36am   [0 comments]
[X] 48- the Dream of Scarlet
[X] 48- Princess Lolitits
[X] 46- Techno Green Greens
[X] 17- CmR
[X] 5- Skellybones
[X] 46- Euro Freak
[X] 50- Waltz in the Rain
[X] 29- psychosis
[X] 30- Crazy Hair Day
[X] 49- Dragon's Bane
[X] 33- Calling
[X] 28- subconsciouness
[X] 37- Synful Sub
[X] 34- Toxic
[X] 29- Stalled Out and Sushi Bar
[X] 38- Lethal Injection
[X] 22- Blank Knowing
[X] 25- 4F73R Me (FFR Edit)
[X] 44- MegaScorcher
[X] 51- Amefuri Koneko
[X] 41- Okusenman! -Hardcore Mix-
Posted on: November 19, 2014, at 01:31:47am   [0 comments]
[X] 6- Something's Not Right
[X] 14- Waltz of Spring
[X] 36- Badinerie
[X] 32- Domani
[X] 40- Sifon
[X] 7- Bubbleman Stage Theme
[X] 46- CIA Rave
[X] 33- Shin Trigger
[X] 33- Lady's Cake
[X] 38- Metropolis Zone
[X] 38- Crystalis - House Leaves (Long)
[X] 34- Palindrome
[X] 51- Redirected Moonlight
[X] 58- Szamar Madar (HELL YEAH!)
[X] 28- Glaciate
[X] 29- Wonder World!
[X] 31- Leery Jenkins (Fun Time Mix)
[X] 31- World of Dreams (srslyfuckthissong
[X] 34- Song of Storms Dubstep Rap Remix
[X] 4- Pictures at an Exhibition
Comment wall
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 3:29:52pm on 8/28/13
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 10:46:51am on 8/28/13
tsurupettan~!! >w<
DruidMaster707 writes at 6:59:11pm on 10/12/12
aight I got it working and getting started on it haha. This insane guy definitely reminds me of Alice, who was in a mental asylum and seeing similar things
DruidMaster707 writes at 1:55:20pm on 10/12/12
aight, I appreciate it! and my bad for the trouble lol
DruidMaster707 writes at 9:06:23pm on 10/11/12
I just keep getting an error message saying: Unexpected end of archive when I try to open it
Findarian writes at 6:14:13pm on 10/4/12
So many =o
DruidMaster707 writes at 9:28:58pm on 10/3/12
I'm kinda unfamiliar with how to use Daemon tools, but I can learn. Am I supposed to be able to open the zip's though? cuz it says windows cannot open this file
DruidMaster707 writes at 9:12:27pm on 10/3/12
aight, I got em. Appreciate it! You should try playing Alice: Nightmare in Wonderland and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns if you can. I think you'd enjoy the twisted storyline to it haha
DruidMaster707 writes at 4:14:00pm on 10/2/12
hmm, sounds like a kind of story id enjoy haha. Never tried visual novels but theres a first for everything XD, yea I'll try it out
DruidMaster707 writes at 8:00:28am on 9/30/12
idk too much about Saya no Uta, but it reminded me of Alice: Nightmare in Wonderland. Think you can fill me in a bit? lol