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Godnick writes at 2:59:22am on 2/13/19
Thanks a lot! Those are some very nice and unique scores you've achieved there as well, looks like you've got some recent shake that could make a quake! Keep hit up!
Sanjixcon writes at 11:06:33pm on 2/10/19
haha thanks bro! with ur jack skillz i wouldn't be surprised if u pass me soon ;p
xXOpkillerXx writes at 12:04:36am on 7/18/18
oshit, I have really bad memory ;_; you mean in Icy's chat ?
Sanjixcon writes at 4:14:48pm on 7/8/18
Kurajsitiju writes at 1:09:49am on 7/4/18
Sanjixcon writes at 1:51:01pm on 6/28/18
man lol i failed that challenge in like the fist 10 seconds xd so nasty
-Blue7- writes at 11:52:08pm on 5/29/18
beeep (wert)
-Blue7- writes at 11:52:36pm on 5/25/18
u wot
Sanjixcon writes at 11:01:10am on 4/17/18
Yeah man i'm stuck at 2-0-0-2 and that run felt lucky. It's a tough file for a 71 >.< but fmo aaa are hard for me in general lol I think I only have like 4 or 5 of them.
Sanjixcon writes at 7:34:27am on 4/16/18
hey u should join the tourney... we can get crushed by the other d6's together xD