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If an indoor shooting range is burning, what do you scream to inform everyone? fire??
Surfing, Baseball and Work(lmao)
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30 Seconds to Mars
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Monty Python and the Holy Grail <3
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graceluiz62 writes...
at 2:02:49pm on 10/21/11
My name is Grace i saw your profile today and i become interest in you,i will like to be your friend and know more about you, if you accept my friend request, here is my email reply me with my email. (graceluiz62@yahoo.com). so i can give you my picture,
thank you, Grace.
ChrisReams writes...
at 10:36:51pm on 5/8/11
suck more at this game dumbfuck you fucking blow ;)
lime-lemon-orange writes...
at 3:17:30pm on 4/26/11
Sanks for the add buud. :)
SocoNhydro420 writes...
at 5:18:08pm on 4/20/11
I seeyou finally messed with your profile colors, WELL CHANGE EM AGAIN THEY LOOK GAY!!!!
MoonChildOfNature writes...
at 10:18:17pm on 3/26/11
ha ha, I have exactly that but, you know how life gets sometimes haha! any who enough of my vents ha ha, How was your day
MoonChildOfNature writes...
at 7:30:34pm on 3/26/11
Ah, it's okay. Mostly on the downside sadly
SocoNhydro420 writes...
at 8:03:44pm on 3/25/11
MoonChildOfNature writes...
at 2:45:20pm on 3/25/11
No Problem! I'm truly honest! Ha ha, How is life treating you? :)
MoonChildOfNature writes...
at 11:10:36am on 3/25/11
Thank you for the invite! You and your Love, are beautiful together! :) Blessed be!
SocoNhydro420 writes...
at 1:13:43am on 1/13/11
travis travis travis im tripping im tripping on pills! theres sthis sssssshiit commin outatha wall, hu duihiakjhbyk dhjg
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