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About me:
Hello my name is Tyler Olson I'm 22 years old and I'm not a very talkative person (in real life) oh and I'm emo I'm also completely random....BUTTON MASHING FTW! :D yeah i button mash big whoop wanna fight about it? I'm not very good at it though...only got 1 hand...1 handed button mashing is tough...well at least for me it is
i like to play video games i mostly like all the guitar hero games I'm not really that good though
Fav Music:
i like all kinds of music except country
Fav Movies:
the scorpion king and the bleach movies
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kainivy writes...
at 9:12:03am on 3/16/12
thanks n_n
Zyphoror writes...
at 4:41:06pm on 3/14/12
Thanks for the vote :)
dxxxbomb writes...
at 5:27:45pm on 3/13/12
no dude im still not good enough to play against you
kairi50 writes...
at 5:13:44pm on 1/29/12
Thx :)))
dxxxbomb writes...
at 1:33:56pm on 1/29/12
lol its ok and yeah maybe next time
dxxxbomb writes...
at 1:03:39pm on 1/29/12
and HEY gimme more credit then that i don't play no easy songs igghhht?
dxxxbomb writes...
at 1:02:53pm on 1/29/12
sorry bro :[ i have to go anyways in a biti have to go to my dads house for dinner and still need to shower
Mr.Moonlight writes...
at 12:58:41pm on 1/29/12
Bahamuts pretty bad ass! *votes*
dxxxbomb writes...
at 12:52:13pm on 1/29/12
hahahaha welllllll
i would but i really only play ppl around my rank
im not so good really
dxxxbomb writes...
at 12:42:17pm on 1/29/12
aww thank you
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