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I hate girls.
Connect four (I'm really good at the game)
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Comment wall
xzyt666 writes...
at 11:18:08pm on 12/18/07
Hey man, how old are you now?
RVL writes...
at 3:29:34pm on 12/10/07
AOD_ELEMENT writes...
at 1:42:42pm on 11/17/07
i didnt mash much besides the parts of fast streams cuz i did it spread and i still have never hit the beginning jacks
*darkdragon* writes...
at 1:17:34pm on 10/13/07
i will get you party 4 U V3 if you get me {Midnight}
dfrXtreme writes...
at 8:54:05am on 9/30/07
You Download Stepmania 3.9 at stepmania.com you can download stepmania songs to it. Ill make a video of it and post it on youtube or something if you dont get it.
TK_Phynx writes...
at 7:22:07pm on 9/9/07
I don't know, I just have a knack for jumpstreams. I've gotten 12 goods on Silence too. Gonna do it again or better tonight to post in the forums :D
robertsona writes...
at 6:22:12pm on 9/9/07
nice avi
blindreper1179 writes...
at 5:35:20pm on 9/9/07
thanks. no one ever says anything about my scores
gelterzega writes...
at 3:50:41pm on 8/21/07
Hey, I've downloaded a few of your songs and play them often... wanna be add me?
SeraphinEveles writes...
at 10:02:11pm on 7/29/07
you mean the guy who makes the stupid sims? nah, only heavy. the challanges are just too lame...and sorry if the pics links dont work
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