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I've been playing rhythm games for about half my life now. Started with DDR. Played some stepmania, dabbled in IIDX. I also like Street Fighter and Final Fantasy.
Hikes, swimming, music of all sorts, music production, music festivals, food, my dogs, good vibes, comfort, vacations
Fav Music:
Radiohead, Half Moon Run, Pink Floyd, Mother Mother Lots of dubstep (Zomboy, Virtual Riot, Skrillex, Eptic, Must Die, NGHTMRE, Boombox Cartel, Snails etc)
Fav Movies:
Pulp Fiction Mulholland Drive The Virgin Suicides 2001: A Space Odyssey Eyes Wide Shut
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Drayk writes at 5:28:44pm on 10/13/19
Grats on 800 FCs!!
V-Ormix writes at 5:32:57pm on 9/3/19
Drayk writes at 7:27:26pm on 7/20/19
Grats on 3 billion grandtotal dude!
Drayk writes at 1:08:56pm on 7/11/19
Teryak ** oops lol. Sup :D
Drayk writes at 10:23:19pm on 7/8/19
BM14 writes at 6:36:33am on 6/29/19
It's from the Mexico trip lol. It's the only passable photo of my face that I have I think. And yeah, seeing your profile was inspiring so I did this.
I'm at work right now, I should be online sporadically today maybe, probably tomorrow night.
Drayk writes at 5:39:15pm on 6/28/19
And nice photo haha that from your trip you just got back from, or another one? Also nice profile haha you are getting into the community now yay bout time since you got me into it originally haha :D
Drayk writes at 2:40:45pm on 6/28/19
Ey yo lmao sorry been busy with... not FFR haha. Nice D6. Will hit you up tonight on it for sure.
BM14 writes at 1:59:53pm on 6/28/19
Blackskull305 writes at 3:15:38am on 6/28/19
Ayy!! Congrats on D6 dude o.o