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note to meself
Posted on: July 30, 2009, at 07:06:11pm

[X]600 AAA
[X]625 AAA
[X]630 AAA
[x]650 AAA

- 1st place with Arctic_counter in the Wargasm's dual song team tournament! (D5)

- 1st place in Samurai's ultimate enduring fabulous touranement (D5)

- 1st place in MrMagic And Loki's 7 Rounds Of Hell Tournament (MODS) (D5)

-1st place on Slayer Rock Fest Tournament (D5)

- 2nd place on Ichlie & Krunky PA Domination Tournament (D6)

-3rd place at Gun's Pa Tournament. (D4)

-3rd place in the 5th official tournament (D4).

  1. Request : AAA PE Demon Fire on video ;)

  2. you won my tourney because I didn't submit lol but no worries. IMO I think it would have been cheap for me to win my own tournament anyways.