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hi umm im cassy im 12 wtf who change mmy age -*- i live in australlia i like to hang with my friends and thats about all pretty much with my big brother he takes good care of me My hotmail is LiL_azN_Anime_girl@hotmail.com
talking listening to music makeing friends
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anime moives ><
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Cascada Miracle(Final Fantasy X-2 )
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Uchiha Itachi - Numb
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NARUTO Linkin park
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A Tribute to Sasuke - Linkin Park - Numb
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From The Inside - Linkin Park
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irock! writes...
at 9:12:30pm on 3/30/07
wtf s with ur avi its like devilninjas tell me
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 5:02:53pm on 3/28/07
Mike|ekiM writes...
at 5:03:56am on 3/26/07
wanna tell me where you found that Capcom X video
--Devil Ninja-- writes...
at 2:43:41am on 3/18/07
Lol i just felt like spaming my lil sis xD
cause there was nothin to do dX
who_cares973 writes...
at 11:46:36pm on 3/17/07

FF_rules writes...
at 1:27:00am on 3/16/07
y r u spamming divil and wats up with the sora/roxas and kaire/namine thing?
--Devil Ninja-- writes...
at 11:45:18pm on 3/14/07
--Devil Ninja-- writes...
at 11:45:14pm on 3/14/07
--Devil Ninja-- writes...
at 11:45:08pm on 3/14/07
--Devil Ninja-- writes...
at 11:45:08pm on 3/14/07
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