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-first and for most this profile page is dedicated to a friend of mine that has passed away (his icon was the panda itself,hence the pandas in the background ^^) To Vincent miss you allot buddy,but ill see ya again someday. -yo,i go by Areyano,im 17 years young, i don't smoke or drink or any of that i think all that stuff is straight up disgusting,but i am a huge video game anime addict>_<.i love anime/manga like: Afro Samurai,Air Gear,blood+,beyblade,bamboo blade,buso renkin,code geass,d.n. angel,DMC,FLCL,FMA,fruit basket,full metal panic,gintama,happy lesson, lucky star!,MAR,Rosario+Vampire,samurai champloo,shuffle,soul eater,(the list goes on :P) video game wise im not all picky with what i play,some of my favorites are:DMC resident evil,tetris,FF,Super mario,street figheter,soul caliber,SSBB,little big planet,blaze blue,ffr(of course),Pure,MS,league of legends,star ocean,tekken,gunz,NFSUG2. buddy me on Mapple,name:Aeyano friend me on LoL,name:Areyano -feel free to send friend requests any time,ill accept,i wont be weird and just ignore you,like other people might.
anime,drawing,writing songs/poems,playing guitar and drums,playing sports(any and all),learning new thing,trying new types of food,taking risks,helping people, listening to new music,traveling,meting new people,relaxing,making people laugh.
Fav Music:
Nujabes-counting stars,horizon NERD-sonner or latter Dj Shadow-organ doner,6 days AFKG-rewrite Avenged 7 fold-almost easy Kyle Andrews-sushi Fuel-shimmer Idlewild-letting go Disturbed-decadence atb-ectasy Ash-orpheus Rise Against-re education Kamelot-when the lights go down Killradio-scavenger Pendulum-blood suger Dj Okawari-love letter Hollywood undead-this love this hate yellow card-only one Overseer-never sum 41-the hell song Aim-aint got time to waste Gorillaz-dirty harry Story of the year-untill the day i die Soul eater-paper moon Gold Finger-super man Hoobastank-The reason
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_Areyano_ writes...
at 6:22:42pm on 11/23/10
this profile is dead, ive restarted due to some log in problem.
manga_freak101 writes...
at 11:52:32pm on 11/17/10
aww thx it was actually made by my friend Baka05Carl =] and yeah becuz he made it for me.. its the reason im even into code geass. i never heard of it before that.. i love lulu x3 ..and i just love how ur profile works out...um just wondering what is ur panda(or friend) holding in ur bg
manga_freak101 writes...
at 3:49:24pm on 11/14/10
badman7772 writes...
at 1:55:08am on 11/14/10
Thanks for the vote! =]
Corrupt_XIII writes...
at 1:37:13pm on 11/13/10
Thanks for the vote! Right back at'cha.
biohazard_123 writes...
at 12:36:38pm on 11/13/10
coolrun writes...
at 10:42:57am on 11/13/10
Thanks for the vote. =]
Zkanny.tk writes...
at 10:42:05am on 11/13/10
thx for the add ^^!
aXumu writes...
at 2:21:14pm on 11/12/10
thanks for the vote :3
H4P3R C0R3 writes...
at 3:25:09pm on 11/11/10
lol thanks! X3 i love the devil may cry banner :3
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