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About me:
Hello everyone! I'm Chelsea-Nicole Warren. I'm just a girl saved by grace that lives in the world but not of the world. I live to spread the love of Jesus Christ to a dying world. I'm an unashamed and unapologetic Jesus Freak and have been since 5/25/11. I'm a proud nerd I love to read, write, draw, paint, play piano, act, study, listen to music, and participate in church activities. I'm a seminary student studying to be a pastor. Wanna know more about me? Ask away! :)
Reading, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Playing Piano, Acting, Listening to Music, Church, Being Nerdy, My beautiful niece/goddaughter Riley Renee, My handsome nephew/godson Ian Christopher, Much Much More :)
Fav Music:
Techno (of all sorts), Classical, Jazz (Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Derante, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and many more singers from that time frame), Christian music of all sorts, And many many more :-D
Fav Movies:
Any with Mads Mikkelsen, Any Star Trek movie, Star Wars, Anime movies :) Batman movies :) Christian movies :)
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: April 5, 2015, at 08:56:30am   [1 comment]
I just wanted to do a quick shoutout saying Happy Easter to all of my fellow FFR members! :)
Posted on: April 1, 2015, at 07:04:04pm   [0 comments]
Well, my night went from decent to total crap. I just found out that my favorite uncle has inoperable throat cancer... Why did this have to happen... if any of you are praying people, please pray for him, his family, and me because I'm not taking this well at all! Thanks!
Posted on: February 5, 2015, at 11:02:07pm   [0 comments]
So, most of you know that I am retiring due to school and due to taking care of my ailing mother. But I'm gonna miss you guys like crazy. So I figured, if you wanna keep in contact, I'll give you a list of ways you can contact me while I'm away!

Instagram: Chelsea_Nicole_Warren
Gmail: ThatChristianNerd91 or Chelsea.Nicole.Emmons
Twitter: Jesus_Freak_91
KIK: ChelseaBug91
Yahoo: chelsea.emmons
MSN: xcountry864 Jesus_Freak_91

If you wanna add me on anything else, let me know! :)

Posted on: February 4, 2015, at 10:15:45am   [0 comments]
So, you know how you're supposed to have a "happy new year?" Well, that isn't so with me. My year started great up until my mom got her devastating lupus diagnosis. Then the doctors told her they caught it too late. She's been super sick and it kills me seeing her that way. Well then she gets Pleurisy to boot. So she has damage to her lungs, possibly her heart, her brain, her muscles and joints, and possibly her eyes. Well, come to find out, we have to prepare ourselves for the inevitable because she keeps getting worse instead of better despite being on powerful medications. So yea, this is by far the worst year ever and I have a bad feeling it's only going to get worse... I seriously wish it was me getting sick, not my mom :/
Posted on: January 3, 2015, at 07:11:12pm   [0 comments]
Well as some of you know, I have been on here about 10 years now. I think it's time I retire from playing FFR. I'll still come on to keep in contact with my friends on here but I will no longer be playing. I have so much going on with schooling and taking care of my ailing mother that I haven't the time to play as much as I once did. So in order to make sure I pass my classes and to ensure that I spend as much time with my mother as possible, I plan to keep my visitations on here to a minimum. So, thank you FFR, it's been a pleasure! :)
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2EdgedVictory writes at 8:35:32pm on 6/6/15
Nice Profile! I am a Christian as well :)
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 9:50:04pm on 3/30/15
Thank you for the profile vote!
FFRChick_101 writes at 10:17:23pm on 2/15/15
Thanks for the thumbs up! :)
choof writes at 9:36:58pm on 2/1/15
Adamaja456 writes at 9:52:24pm on 6/6/14
lol ok :p
Adamaja456 writes at 7:56:57pm on 6/6/14
aw bummer, well i wont be on here long lol sorry
Adamaja456 writes at 7:53:43pm on 6/6/14
:) if you wanna keep in touching, adding me on fb would be the best option since im on there every day lol link is on my profile!
Adamaja456 writes at 7:50:48pm on 6/6/14
thank you :)
tapiocaxgurrl writes at 4:04:45pm on 6/2/14
on AIM :)
tapiocaxgurrl writes at 4:04:25pm on 6/2/14
I added you!! :D