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Andrew WCY

FFR Veteran
FFR Rank:226
FFR Average Rank:5,045
FFR Grandtotal Rank:2,256
FFR Grandtotal:3,704,343,095
FFR Games Played:3,762
Too complex, never simple
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About me:
A 16-year-old guy who likes smashing the keyboard with DFJK. Amateur CTF hacker. Linux distro hopper.
Rhythm games, puzzles, Project Euler, science, programming and maths.
Fav Music:
Music from games like Touhou, IIDX and SDVX; I mainly like trance, progressive, renaissance and pop music.
Fav Movies:
I don't watch movies much. I like the Harry Potter movies (and the books too).
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Gaming Region:Asia
Location:Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
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Discord Discord:andrew_wcy#0993
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Random Thoughts
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I'll keep this column updated.
FFR ranking:

23/Mar/2019: Top 225
[Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms AAA Equiv = 86.44]

12/Mar/2019: Top 250
[Schmollbluk 1626-14-4-1-5 AAA Equiv = 87.78]

16/Jan/2019: Top 300
[Anima 1526-13-0-1-2 AAA Equiv = 85.91]

1/Jan/2019: Top 400
[Our Journey and Epilogue 1544-7-0-1-0 AAA Equiv = 87.67]

14/Jan/2019: Hong Kong #1 get
[Head Banger 1222-7-0-0-0 AAA Equiv = 83.58]

2/Jan/2019: Ascension to D6
[Welcome to My Kastle 2502-4-0-0-2 AAA Equiv = 84.84]
Comment wall
PkGam writes at 7:01:20am on 3/25/19
I am, thanks! :D
PkGam writes at 5:34:02am on 3/24/19
Indeed I do have a Youtube! (PkGam is the one) Yeah I've played a lot of games through the years and will continue to make em'! :)
Lycostria writes at 5:02:27am on 3/23/19
You've gotten really good haha. Hope you keep it up!
Kawaii025 writes at 6:24:49pm on 3/15/19
Thanks for the vote~ :)
Happeh writes at 9:56:40pm on 2/11/19
thank you!
Sanjixcon writes at 1:35:26pm on 2/10/19
hey thanks man! that headbanger score tho wtf :o
yeah i can see you getting in the top 200 soon
Andrew WCY writes at 8:54:02pm on 1/16/19
Vet get yea boiiiiii
MikeShinoda12345 writes at 9:30:52pm on 1/15/19
SubaruPoptart writes at 6:24:17pm on 1/15/19
Ayyy thanks! Once Byron becomes official finna bet I'mma hit D7 in like a month <o/
MikeShinoda12345 writes at 4:46:28am on 1/15/19
Saw your post on FFR Scores, and it feels really nice to see FFR players from the 華人 sphere ^_^ I'll maybe shoot you a message if I'm ever in HK?