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Geno. writes...
at 10:31:06pm on 12/27/08
Thanks for the vote. :)
Andrix writes...
at 9:59:20pm on 8/30/08
your monstrous turtles is ok. 7/10. you know...you're the only one who's made a mostly decent version of this song. all the other ones I'd give a 1-3/10 whether I was drunk or sober. you should make a itg hacked version of this. of course, that would boast your popularity on ffr. but above all else...it would show that you have control over your notes...not the notes controlling you. lol. trust me...a little more Sim-file making for itg would do you good. pretend that you are stepping them on a pad. "where would your feet go next if you alternate?", state of mind. anyway, best of luck. -Andrix p.s. : Chex out my site-read of your song. damn stupid GREAT, lol.
ssbmchamp writes...
at 5:28:04am on 7/16/08
thanks for the comment on my karma simfile. if you liked that you should check out my modified version of "forever" by kamelot b/c personally i think it's one of my best simfiles and it offers a more invigorating challenge. if you download it and play it, comment it and let me know if you liked it =)
Humbleburgerdog50 writes...
at 9:35:12pm on 6/18/08
hey nice avatar you got my vote and I have a quistion. Why are you ranked so high but have no friends?
=^.^= writes...
at 5:04:29pm on 2/20/08
cool avi
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 8:28:09pm on 9/2/07
First person to post on your wall.