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TwInFrEaK44 writes...
at 1:18:44pm on 8/8/07
TENORS PWN ALTOS!!!!!!!!!! xp
x6tence writes...
at 12:23:08am on 6/29/07
hey I play alto!
Volleyball Girl Spirit writes...
at 12:31:47am on 6/28/07
hey i havent seen you on in some time
where are you?
kTWiiN23 writes...
at 6:21:06pm on 6/24/07
uhh ive been playin for 2 years too :] but i started in 5th grade as a clarinet. switched in the middle of 8th grade. im a sophomore now
julie. writes...
at 12:30:12am on 6/23/07
haha. yeah
julie. writes...
at 12:28:55am on 6/23/07
alto players rock
Volleyball Girl Spirit writes...
at 8:31:54pm on 6/21/07
hey did u have to go to band camp?
kTWiiN23 writes...
at 6:44:10pm on 6/17/07
woo hoo awesome!! yeah i LOVE alto, i switched from tenor cuz it got boring. lol so how long have you been playing alto?
GolfersPride writes...
at 9:59:19pm on 6/16/07
nah im kidding about all of that. We can't even affored to go to europe that often. But yes, I do play alto sax. Hopefully i'll become first chair in Castle since theres going to be some super super good players. Oh ya, we're not pros. lol
GolfersPride writes...
at 9:46:31pm on 6/16/07
Volleyball over there is part of the alto sax trio thing that we have. We're pros and we're moving to europe next year to perform there. We're going to live there the rest of our lives and live like royalty. Everyone enjoys us playing for them so they give us money so we can go to disneyland. Then we donate the rest to Castle high school. It's just a random school we picked to give the money to. And the best thing is, WE"RE ALL BAND GEEKS. lol
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