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22 years old. I'm a two hand player, I use my middle finger and ring finger for more challenge. Osu! player.
Playing video games (Rpg, action, adventure),do my own game and learn Japanese.
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Hardcore,hardstyle,dubstep, techno and piano.
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Anime only.
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evil smoke writes at 3:35:11pm on 6/17/17
Your welcome, Is that Asuna wearing kuroyukihime's dress? It's adorable btw :)
-cookiezi- writes at 5:05:06pm on 6/11/17
i am cookiezi
Fuka Pura writes at 2:49:22pm on 7/24/14
Hawn oki~ >w< Tu veux mon skype? :3
Fuka Pura writes at 11:57:16am on 7/24/14
Yepu je suis un top player (top 100# Mondial et 10# fr) en CtB
Fuka Pura writes at 10:45:33am on 7/24/14
xXOpkillerXx writes at 10:18:22am on 7/22/14
Haha eh oui~ ;)
fem_slash writes at 10:35:53am on 11/18/13
omg if you could get me a screen shot that would be awesome :D <3
fem_slash writes at 9:19:29pm on 11/16/13
Osu! is awesome xD i envy people that can play that. I used to try so hard at it but my mouse is complete garbage xD
fem_slash writes at 9:51:11am on 11/6/13
It's been a while!!!! how ya been? you still playing??
fem_slash writes at 4:08:07pm on 8/26/13
its perfectly fine xD and yes, :D i strongly believe she is the ultimate yandere. ^-^ Definitly my favorite :D