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Im tall. Athletic, plays basketball... boring.
basketball, boys, and running.
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Love and basketball; labyrinth
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TK_demon writes...
at 9:44:16pm on 9/12/07
Who are you and how did you get on my friends list?
JasonKey writes...
at 11:29:35pm on 4/29/07
Happy B-Day ;)
boundll writes...
at 5:19:05pm on 2/14/07
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
boundll writes...
at 9:30:36pm on 2/13/07
hey remember me?
awesomeguy writes...
at 8:37:14pm on 2/1/07
thats cool. good luck with that.
awesomeguy writes...
at 6:37:26pm on 1/30/07
I've been pretty good. What colleges you looking at?
awesomeguy writes...
at 9:26:01am on 1/28/07
Afro-Queen-da-Essential writes...
at 4:52:52pm on 1/8/07
EDIT: I lied again... It's only Tuesdays thru Thursdays because they usually don't have homework or anything on Mondays and Fridays thanks to the weekends. So Monday and Friday expect me on from probably 3:30ish to late (undefined)... Adios
Afro-Queen-da-Essential writes...
at 8:51:00pm on 1/3/07
EDIT: I recently began to tutor a few elementary schoolers for about an hour and a half after school, so the time I'm on should read 5:30 and 8:30-9 Pm Central Time, rather than 3:30 to 6:30
Afro-Queen-da-Essential writes...
at 7:32:14pm on 1/2/07
Hey... anybody I added when I was away from home, I'm back now we can really play. I'm usually on between 3:30 and 6:30 pm central time.
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