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squee!! n.n
everything is an interest in some way.
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i cant liv without my music...
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pirates 1&2 waiting to see 3.. blades of glory, and duplex. alot of movies with will farrell and adam sanler. I also love the show invader zim. GIR RULES mhmmm. <333
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Posted on: August 9, 2007, at 08:15:08pm   [0 comments]

its called doodle.

yeah, it has a dot at the end

plz, vote it


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~kitty~ writes...
at 9:01:14pm on 11/25/10
Thief_Jareth writes...
at 2:16:34pm on 7/26/08
your ava is funny, it makes me laugh
doktormaus writes...
at 7:55:30pm on 3/1/08
hey whats up ?
Zeke_Barzad writes...
at 11:15:43pm on 2/11/08
Where have you been all my life?
KayameUchiha writes...
at 8:22:12pm on 1/14/08
My friend Carly uses the name "Adorkable" o.o;;;;
Zauriel writes...
at 1:57:49pm on 11/18/07
hi =3
K-OS378 writes...
at 6:47:05pm on 11/3/07
come to teh dark side...
We have cookies...
Panda_Girl writes...
at 5:42:31pm on 10/8/07
funny avi thumbs up!
doktormaus writes...
at 4:31:52pm on 9/8/07
hey. whats up :)
tigermaster621 writes...
at 2:08:17am on 9/3/07
heyy gurl was goin on? hit me up from time to time cmon!
k talk to u laterz

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