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Hiroshima1058 writes...
at 6:58:01am on 1/9/07
oh im sry it said love alyssa christina im so sry your names alyssa ok ill remeber that so sry so sry well ill seeya around alyssa pce
-sincerely gabe
Hiroshima1058 writes...
at 7:38:44pm on 1/8/07
hm i see ah u mean my top vid a ya she semmed good so i posted it for my gf cause i love her so much heh=D your welcome for adding you well ill seyya around pce
Hiroshima1058 writes...
at 7:54:59pm on 1/7/07
hm do i know you in real life or something.....maybe thats y u private posted me hm no matter ill seeya around pce
Hiroshima1058 writes...
at 7:50:45pm on 1/7/07
yo alyssa mine names gabe um question why did u private post to me? well ill seeya around pce
jEsSIcA17172994 writes...
at 4:51:51pm on 1/7/07
hey alyssa!! its jess
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 4:08:10pm on 12/19/06
First person to post on your wall.