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ms.circle writes...
at 8:36:11pm on 5/11/18
ok this is the last account I'm making if i forget the password one more time fuck it!
FirstMaple8 writes...
at 10:50:14am on 2/23/18
congrats on 3k games played
emuno writes...
at 7:02:23pm on 8/24/17
its circleq, made a new account for you since i don't remember my old password lmao
circle_q writes...
at 3:45:58pm on 12/24/12
u boob
circle_q writes...
at 8:08:19pm on 10/16/12
been good, missing you ; (
Dandin26 writes...
at 9:34:09pm on 10/10/12
circle_q writes...
at 1:49:00am on 10/6/12
lolol yooooooooo how you been???? been foreverrrrrr
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 9:11:57am on 10/5/12
LOL I prob suck more than yuh... I havent played in 8months lol I dropped from lvl 12 to lvl 7 d:!
circle_q writes...
at 2:48:02pm on 10/3/12
what the helll man, you ditch me and I'm the one who gets called a dick?
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 6:01:18am on 10/3/12
Brooooooo i bet i can kick ur ass in mp nowdays d:!
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