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Sh4d0wRe4p3r666 writes...
at 9:48:07pm on 7/6/08
Opeth. :o
Ghost Reveries :o
Blackwater Park :o
Verruckter writes...
at 10:56:01pm on 4/29/08
Ahead of time, eh? :P
Well I'm discovering most of their stuff atm, I was only into Ghost Reveries so far but I'm listening to Blackwater Park and Still Life too.
Verruckter writes...
at 6:49:25pm on 4/27/08
In case you haven't heard it yet: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/free/opeth/lotuseater.mp3
Chronic42089 writes...
at 7:00:01pm on 4/26/08
Both awesome =)
Chronic42089 writes...
at 4:47:58pm on 4/23/08
Opeth is awesoooooooooooome!
jugglinguy writes...
at 6:39:29pm on 4/2/08
Happy birthday!
danny53x writes...
at 6:38:41pm on 2/7/08
Where's your skill tokens o.O?
MoopToThePowerOfQ writes...
at 2:54:05pm on 11/16/07
opeth owns ;)
OP3TH writes...
at 12:03:08pm on 11/10/07
Ahh! You too my friend.
stevo911 writes...
at 11:22:21am on 11/10/07
no i always get alot of boo's but i usually dont get them in every same spot but in the beginning i always get those boo's idk how to control the beginning and i dont quad mash i back and forth hit left + down then up + right
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