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llyair writes...
at 12:46:31pm on 11/25/14
sure, i wouldn't mind pm-ing on here :)
and haha it varies, but no worries! we will talk eventually! ^^
llyair writes...
at 12:07:28pm on 11/25/14
i really am ~.~ i can't get it to work :<
llyair writes...
at 11:54:44am on 11/25/14
sorry, i might've just left my computer signed into skype and went to work xD i don't have skype here but i can browse ffr =)
llyair writes...
at 11:47:46am on 11/25/14
llyair writes...
at 11:47:27am on 11/25/14
hey! so i deleted your comment with your username in case you didn't want that public c:
llyair writes...
at 2:03:49pm on 11/24/14
just sent it to you in a pm :)
llyair writes...
at 12:12:54pm on 11/24/14
yes, i just found the skype username i never use, but will start using for ffr hahaha :p what's yours, i'll add you! :)
and aww, i think you're friendly :)
and hmm i like keeping busy! :)
llyair writes...
at 8:19:04pm on 11/23/14
hahaha what do you want to know? I have an idea! as lame as it sounds, we can play never have I ever <(^.^<)(>^.^)> i've never gamed before ffr... wasn't really interested! :D your turnnnn~
and wow that's so sad about your old account :( I don't see why you can't keep using it, even just to lurk :/ by now i'm dying with curiosity to know what your old name was, but you probably won't say c:
llyair writes...
at 1:14:14am on 11/23/14
aww I don't understand how you could leave your old account, especially if you've put 8 years of effort into it~! c:
hahaha I hope you're having fun lurking the site ^.~
llyair writes...
at 12:47:05am on 11/23/14
yeah this game is really fun and addicting! xD
and thanks again haha, you're so encouraging! ^.^
and don't worry, I've visited the forums a few times and realized being here for .43 years is peanuts haha ><;;
anyways I have to say, you sound like you've been around longer than the .29 years your profile says! :)
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