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Comment wall
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 2:16:50am on 12/29/17
nice scores today :o
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 3:01:22pm on 7/9/08
hey dude, do you still play? :) im back now, although ive been gone for a year... lol. Im no longer rank 840 obviously, but im now rank 1400 something! Ill get back to my old rank soon. :)
GreatWhiteShark writes...
at 10:58:38am on 9/29/07
if you get me All of the World and The Pylons are trapped BALLS i will get you {Sunlight, Chinaman, and All of the tokens
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 3:13:53pm on 6/6/07
WOOHOO, i got 2 skill tokens in 1 day. I now have 9 out of 10 skill tokens. CHECK IT OUT, IT LOOKS SO BADASS. =D
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 4:44:44pm on 5/28/07
how did i beat a rank 888 at 4 games? And u only have 4 skill tokens? O.o anyways, yea, i added u. Lol, those were GGs
WarmFuzzies writes...
at 1:12:09am on 4/7/07
You're soo leet
FmBm writes...
at 11:40:51am on 12/22/06
thanks you too
Windscarredfaith writes...
at 1:12:31pm on 8/28/06
Lmao. No, I suck at FFR. xD
TD_GenoCid3 writes...
at 12:14:47am on 8/24/06
Synthlight writes...
at 4:26:37pm on 6/19/05
First person to post on your wall.