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I have blonde hair,green eyes. I don't take any of that drama crap.I have no brothers or sisters,that I know of.I live with my Grandmother, and Mom. I have a very annoying cousin,named Brendan. I have a cat and want a dog sometime. Well that's all for now.
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Breaking Benjamin,Pink,Three Doors Down, One republic, Tickle Me Pink,Maroon 5,Three Days Grace,Chris Brown,Linkin Park,Foo Fighters,Metallica, Disturbed, Swichfoot,Seether,Nickelback, Slipknot,Rascal Flatts,Rihanna Avril Lavigne,AND MUCH MUCH MORE
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Hancock,The Zohan,I now pronounce you Chuck, and Larry Stick it,Saw 1 2 3 ,and 4, scary Movie 4,Spiderman movies,Batman Begins,AND MORE MORE
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Posted on: June 1, 2008, at 06:06:21pm   [2 comments]
umm will u ppl comment my pix and leave me comments!!!!!

Posted on: June 1, 2008, at 02:32:37pm   [6 comments]
well i was bored so i was wondering all those ppl who sk8 wats ure favorite board???
mine is a BAKER!

Posted on: May 30, 2008, at 03:22:01pm   [7 comments]
why do people sing in the shower????

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XxXBenXxX writes...
at 6:01:01pm on 9/12/09
well, i see u havnt been on in like 6 months, but a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago, u asked me if i had a myspace, and i do, but i dont know what yours is so i can send u a friend request. if u ever get on again, send me a way to find u and ill add u
SK8R43 writes...
at 2:26:37pm on 5/4/09
I was wondering do you have AIM or no???
XxXBenXxX writes...
at 8:20:40pm on 12/4/08
XxXBenXxX writes...
at 9:05:49pm on 12/3/08
well il talk to u caus im on pretty often but its basicly the same 4 me no one talks to me accept the ppl i no and can talk to at school
snowman25 writes...
at 8:33:29am on 10/4/08
cool pro
Blooregard Q Kazoo writes...
at 3:57:22pm on 8/25/08
cool profile
redtre writes...
at 4:50:04pm on 8/17/08
dont kill me but your sexy
XxXMetalheadXxX writes...
at 12:52:30pm on 8/12/08
Lol, i'm alright I guess.
I'm so bored!
XxXMetalheadXxX writes...
at 10:57:29am on 8/12/08
Hey, haven't talked to ya in a lil while. What's up?
iGir writes...
at 3:32:54pm on 8/4/08
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