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{SilveR}'s Gameplay Stats Today
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Hello fellow FFR Members. My name is Carlos but most known as SilveR on the internet and online games. I'm a StepMania/Trickster Online fan player. Likes to make friends for hang out. Please notice that i only play FFR with 2 Fingers, using 2 hands, 1 finger each.
Stepfiles-Music/Work/Play Online Games/Play FFR
Fav Music:
Hardcore Till i Die [HTiD] Series Dancemania Speed Series Trancecore Happy Hardcore Music
Fav Movies:
Harry Potter The Lord Of THe Rings IronMan 2 Fantasy/Action Related Movies
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BethanyBangs writes...
at 8:43:28pm on 4/22/11
Loll it's okay.
BethanyBangs writes...
at 9:02:03am on 4/8/11
Thanks haha :D Make some vids.
Ninty64 writes...
at 8:54:52pm on 1/18/11
Thanks for the vote =)
_Areyano_ writes...
at 3:37:20pm on 12/20/10
been good,ffr is gradually becoming more addicting,cant wait for Christmas,im getting cloths...awesome right? xP,hope you get what you want for Christmas.
_Areyano_ writes...
at 12:22:14am on 12/20/10
hey long time no talk,how you be?!,just wanted to say merry Christmas!,and have a good new year too.
N.R.G .:ONYX:. writes...
at 3:00:25am on 12/19/10
nice games man
_Areyano_ writes...
at 6:28:07pm on 11/23/10
been forever since ive been on ffr,ive since restarted due to some log in problem.
AmandasShadow writes...
at 5:54:06pm on 11/16/10
Hiya, long time no see. =]
Timer Rabbit writes...
at 11:43:17pm on 11/11/10
Hey SilveR~
hyper-sonic-xlc writes...
at 12:04:50pm on 11/11/10
alot of the tokens/purchase song the flash codes havnt really been fix yet an still being repair the token in its process also
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