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Mm. I'm Brad. I suck at FFR. This is my CK account, aka, CuddleKidz. =3 My other one is... well I'm sure you've guessed, Cick
I'm too lazy, so just look everything up on my other profile... >.>
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slkt4life writes...
at 10:31:46am on 8/31/11
ck fo lyf
Cuppy_Cake writes...
at 7:20:50pm on 11/5/10
Yes! It has been a while. How have you been? :)
crazykitty66 writes...
at 3:31:10pm on 11/4/10
Thanks for the add
~Kitty was here
YaelPancake writes...
at 3:29:04pm on 11/4/10
YaelPancake writes...
at 3:12:46pm on 11/4/10
Ha. Yea but I like waffles or funnelcakes better
slkt4life writes...
at 5:18:42pm on 10/18/10
slkt4life writes...
at 8:56:00pm on 12/1/09
ummmmm facebook
slkt4life writes...
at 6:04:39pm on 10/29/09
xfitzix writes...
at 3:14:34am on 8/3/09
Pretty amazing.
Got a girlfriend that I've been with for almost a year and a half now.
A band that's about to be signed.
And mad DDR skills.
xfitzix writes...
at 6:41:05am on 7/31/09
I didn't even know there was one, but I'm no good anymore anyway.
Dudeee, you should check out my DDR scores though, I'm getting pretty derned good.
You need to come back just to play. lol.
I have a folder of my scores on my myspacee.
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