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Posted on: June 8, 2019, at 11:49:52pm

Where to begin?

We started a business and figured out, that we don't really want to do business, not in the way that we first intended, anyways. We're thankful for these lessons, early on, so we can take the steps back to be able to build the right way and prepare ourselves for when our foundations are balanced.

Learning to grab our dark side's hand and reteach them how to breathe, be, stretch, move, cry, dance, run, jump, sleep, smile, and all of those things to really live and let go of stuff. Talk about generational healing and overcoming traumatic experiences, and being able to recognize anxiety and depression, and then not having the feeling of death follow you around everywhere you go, and actually experience peace.

We have found out that we just want to be artists that express ourselves, learn skills, and help others do the same. I'm so excited to dive into design, talk with fellow artisans, and truly enjoy life again.

Learning and actively speaking up, slowly. (:

We are still healing and this too, is beautiful.