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Update 2:
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– Zag

We’ve fixed the issue with the forum, and also fixed what caused it.
We suggest you change your password for your own assurance of safety.

Hello FFR,
Just a few things I thought you’d like to know!

- We will likely be experiencing some heavy downtime Sunday, while FFR is moved to another server and service provider.
- We are aware that the forum header is missing. It made us laugh, and we’re going to figure out the easiest way to fix it as soon as possible.
- There have been some big updates to the R^3 engine recently, go check it out!


Songs of the Week – (May 31st, 2014)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on June 1st, 20147 Comments »

Fried Eggs In My Ear
Musician: Otto Von Schirach
Step Artist: DossarLX ODI
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 73
Song Length: 1:31
Good morning everyone! After a long and hardy night of partying, you open your eyes to find out that you have accidentally spent the night with DossarLX ODI. The sun is shining, and the stereotypical cliche of a rooster is giving it’s ol’ cock-a-doodle-dooooo. Hungry? Why not try some Fried Eggs In My Ear stepped by your one night stand Dossar? This breakfast file will sure to give you all the vitamins and nutrients to start off your day! Sure, it might come with a small side effect of insanity, but who wouldn’t want that in the morning?

Tsumeawase Pt. 3
Musician: Yosk!
Step Artist: bmah
Song Genre: Skill Token
Difficulty: 75
Song Length: 1:33
All of a sudden you realize, oh crap I’m late for work. What should you do? Freak out, put on your headphones and jam out to Tsumeawase Part 3 stepped by our good friend bmah. You bolt out the door, forgetting your briefcase, and forgetting to take your kid to daycare. Oh, and Dossar is still in your bed and alone with your kid. You don’t bother taking your car and just run to work, hoping that you will get there on time. Down the street, down the expressway, over fences and buildings like a pro you go. You arrive to work and sit down at your desk. Out of nowhere your boss approaches you after noticing you being late by a good two minutes. He then fires you right on the spot. Good game sir, good game.

Post-Human Dirge
Musician: Clonepa
Step Artist: Silvuh
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 61
Song Length: 3:16
As you start clearing your desk remembering all the fun times you had working at a cauliflower distributing plant, you take a look at a photo of your right hand, because you clearly have no girlfriend. Ever since your right hand died to the super-villain of the city, Toxophilis, you never had time to take revenge due to the importance of your job. But now is your time to shine. You press play on your 1980′s boom box and on comes Post-Human Dirge by Clonepa stepped by our very own Silvuh. You take a look at your superhero outfit conveniently placed in your bottom shelf at work. You grab it and put it on. You tie on your cape with pride. You head for the window. That cute girl from accounting comes in and screams, asking who you are… You turn your head slightly with your back to her and reply… “They used to call me Profit… Remember me”. You jump out of the window and begin your new quest to find the one woman who killed your right hand.

~ Xiz

Songs of the Week – (May 24th, 2014)

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Musician: Nero’s Day at Disneyland
Step Artist: DossarLX ODI
Song Genre: Purchased [1,000]
Difficulty: 17
Song Length: 1:31
Nothing says fun more then going to Disneyland and breaking the space time continuum while going mentally insane like Cracknight does, stepped by Dossar. This Nero’s Day at Disneyland song starts off this week as a light file that will give you that good ol’ nostalgia feel of happiness and Disneyland and popcorn and elephants and sidewalk vomit and tour guides. No? Just me? Oh. Okay then. But really though, this CRACK of a song will make you playing throughout the whole… NIGHT… get it???? GET IT?!?!?

Bird Sprite -Awakening of Light-
Musician: syatten remixed by celas
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 67
Song Length: 2:03
*Ahem* Moving on… Someone on FFR has been a bad boy recently! And that is our ol’ friend Sprite-. That’s right, Bad Sprite hits FFR changing up the mood with this nu-NRG song stepped by DarkZtar. So after you go completely insane at Disney world breaking the space time continuum, why not go eat some cotton candy at the stall next to Magic Mountain and get a sugar high? Trust me, doing so will only help you and make you a better person in the long run.

Musician: Naganuma & Kota
Step Artist: bmah
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 70
Song Length: 2:04
Whats that you say? Want to go see a show? Why not go see Naganuma & Kota which just hit FFR brought to you by bmah? Their main feature, SHI*O*KA*RA*, teaches you the most important letters of the alphabet while enjoying that sugar high you got just a few minutes ago eating that cotton candy (that you are pretty sure was made up of at least 99% sugar). The show starts and you are taken on a magical ride through the stars of our solar system while surfing rainbows. You make a sudden pit-stop at a local convince store with a magical man with a flute that gives you “The Eternal Taco”. You understand your mission in life. You return to ride the stars and return back to Disney world to complete your mission. You arrive back on earth slamming into the ground on one knee. You look up slowly as the setting sun in the background paints a perfectly back-lit picture of the park. It’s your time. That time is now.

o’er the flood
Musician: goreshit
Step Artist: VisD
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 75
Song Length: 3:01
Its 11:45pm. The park is closed. You are walking through the deserted streets and parking lots of Disney World. You know your mission. Off in the distance, you can hear o’er the flood playing, a gores hit song stepped by our very own VisD. You turn your walk in to a jog, then a run. You begin running, frantically, searching for what you have been distanced to search for your entire life as shown by the flute man who gave you the eternal taco. You need to find her. She is waiting for you. Somewhere… You can not find her. You try and try and run and tear the entire park apart to find any trace. You break down and begin to sob. You collapse to your knees. You look up as it starts to drizzle lightly. You look up to the stars, which gleam so elegantly in the night. Then you remember. You are single. You have no girlfriend. You take a bite of the taco.

See you next week.

~ Xiz

Tired of that boring, old profile chat color?

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution on May 23rd, 201426 Comments »

UPDATE: Prices have now been cut by 60%!

Hey guys, Sprite- here,
You may now use your hard-earned credits to add a shiny, new color to your username and stand out from the rest!

*** You MUST post in this thread after credits have been sent to Sprite-, specifying which color you would like and for how long.

*PRICES* (Does not include Red or Green!!)
2,000 credits for 1 day
3,800 credits for 2 days
5,600 credits for 3 days
7,400 credits for 4 days
9,200 credits for 5 days
11,000 credits for 6 days

12,000 credits for 1 week
22,800 credits for 2 weeks
33,600 credits for 3 weeks

40,000 credits for 1 month
76,000 credits for 2 months
112,000 credits for 3 months

*BEST OFFER!!* 210,000 credits for 6 months!

Red & Green prices
30,000 credits for 1 day
Note: Red & Green color may only be purchased one day at a time.

This only applies to colors that prochat currently supports:
Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Purple, Pink, Black

Transfer the appropriate amount of credits to Sprite- and post in this thread when sent. Specify color wanted and for how long and amount of credits sent.
I will do my best to process your purchase as quickly as possible, but please remember my time zone is Eastern Time. If you are sending me a request at 4am my time, I will likely not process it for several hours.

*Time lost because of site downtime or any other reason will not be refunded*

Check out this thread for questions, comments, and purchases.

I hope to see a more colorful prochat soon :)


Songs of the Week (May 14th, 2014)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on May 17th, 201418 Comments »

Caelumize by Void (gameboy42690) Difficulty 69 / 1:54 / Secret / Neurocore
Etude for the Sinners by Ice, (hi19hi19) Difficulty 85 / 2:03 / Classical / Classical Techno
grind2 v2 by DEV/NULL (DossarLX ODI) Difficulty 83 / 1:12 / Skill Token / Noisy
Until Tomorrow v2 by Virt (bmah) Difficulty 61 / 2:12 / Purchased / Disco

Oh no, not Xiz again. Ugh, okay let’s get this over with.

Nothing says charging into the front lines of war likes Caelumize does. You continue your war fighting the brother who killed your mother back five years ago and this is the way you get revenge. Your sword is made from the tears of synthesizers and the shield you wear on your back made from the kick drum of justice. (Wars need to be fought like that, but without the dying part… just lots of breaking out into perfectly synchronized song and dance). Gameboy brings this Neurocore song to life, giving you the chance to avenge your mother. Will you take up the sword? Will you prove that you are worthy of such a task?

Nothing says insane piano playing like Etude for the Sinners stepped by hi19hi19. This challenging piece will probably put you in your place if you are 95% of the community. At first you might be all like, “Oh wow, this file isn’t hard at all, why the hell is it ranked an eighty-fiiIIIOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOO”. Perhaps you can use this piano song in war to aid you to fight your brother. And yes, the piano sounds would be a machine gun. Sadly though, due to the insanity of this peice, you end up holding down the trigger and it fires in literally every direction possible. You destroy everything, the tree’s, your base, your comrades, and even your toyota camry. Shame on you.

So now you have a destroyed car, what do you do now? You decide to bang it a billion times with random metal objects you ‘think’ are tools. You bang your totaled car at such a violent speed with every object in sight, weather it be a wrench, a tire, a kitten or another car. That perfectly describes grind2 v2 stepped by Dossar. Lay off the drugs yo, and just buy a new car like everyone else.

So you are out of a car, what do you do? You go back in time and appear on the price is right back in the 70′s of course to try and win a BRAND NEW CAAAAARRRR. (Duh) Put on your flare jeans, flame white jacket, a fake afro and those glass shoes with goldfish in them. Until Tomorrow v2 stepped by bmah returns to FFR once more, this time more difficult then ever before from the previous difficulty level 12. Oh by the way, you end up not winning the car because Jim got a better showcase bid and beat you out. Stupid Jim. Damn it Jim. Jim. Ugh…

Enjoy your war, destroying your toyota, trying to rebuild it and end up traveling back in time to win a new car. That’s all for this week.

Songs of the Week – (May 10th, 2014)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on May 11th, 201417 Comments »

Sleep Part 2 by Echelon. (XelNya) Difficulty 41 / 2:07 / Purchased [2,500] / Dubstep
NEW ANACHRONISM -I can’t become the hero anymore- by SECRET HEROINE morning mist-ASAGI-. (bmah) Difficulty 68 / 1:48 / Dance 2 / House
Gourmet Na Aitsu by YMCK. (ilikexd) Difficulty 73 / 2:45 / Arcade / Swing Chiptune
rough by mommy. (hi19hi19) Difficulty 65 / 1:48 / Classical / Contemporary

A wild Xiz appeared! That’s right, SOTW threads are now getting a little extra spice of Xiz. Regardless if that is for better or for worse, you are stuck with me for this week! Muahahaha.

Starting off with Sleep, this XelNya chart brings the dub to the wubs clocking in another dubstep chart for FFR. Ssssh…. Hush now, quiet now. It’s time to play this song on full blast and get your ears blown off from the drop that this song holds. Best played while going through a black hole into another dimension with Neil deGrasse Tyson. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want that stash riding into the cosmos with you?

NEW ANACHRONISM -I can’t become the hero anymore- is this weeks Veteran only song, so for all those non-vets be sure to enjoy this bmah file one week before everyone else (like me… oops). This calm relaxing song is something you can kick your feet up to, open a nice book and have it SUDDENLY CATCH ON FIRE OUT OF LITERALLY NOWHERE WHILE NINJA BEARS TRY TO SHANK YOU!!! Just… just play the song and you will understand.

Third up, is Gourmet Na Aitsu. This song stepped by ilikexd is for all chip-tune lovers everywhere. Ranking in at a 73 difficulty, this 8-bit roller coaster of a file will certainly have you coming back for more. Speaking of 8-bit, this is the 8th YMCK song in game! Yay! 8 is the lucky number today, presented by the letter J. Such words like Joy, Jump, and Judicatories! 1000 credits for the first person to correctly use that word in a sentence.

Finally, we have rough by mommy. No, not my mommy. Regardless, what a perfect time for this file to be released when today is Mother’s Day. (For at least a few more hours that is…) This contemporary piece will keep your lovely little fingers active and make it seem like you are playing a real piano that Xiz gave you for free! (Wow! Amazing!)
*Warning, no I don’t give away free pianos. Not after what happened last time.

Have fun, stay classy and make sure to practice up because the 10th official tournament is right around the corner!

–  Xiz

Monstercat? Absolutely. (Also, a batch announcement!)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 30th, 201439 Comments »

It has been a while since a specific user (Poison-) brought to staff’s attention that we had received potential permission for Monstercat, and I admittedly had been putting off posting a front page article (although, with really good intentions). The initial intention was to put together a really large, special event to welcome the amazingly talented artists; however, that concept fell behind with the interest of hosting FFR’s milestone tournament, the 10th FFR Official tournament. Certain users and members of staff have been pushing me to give some iota of care about posting it, and I kept putting it off out of nervousness for how I wanted to present it. Before presenting this permission, I would like to take full responsibility and apologize to FFR, and more importantly, Monstercat’s head of licensing on behalf of the entire FlashFlashRevolution community. Gavin, I never intended on holding out so long — many users on FlashFlashRevolution absolutely adore your music and have been waiting to produce playable content for all of your songs.

For those of you who are not aware, Monstercat is an absolutely sick record label that produces different varieties of electronica, including (but certainly not limited to) EDM, Dubstep, Drumstep, Trance, and Electro, and they pack a pretty big roster in terms of artists on their label: you’ve likely heard of names like Krewella, Pegboard Nerds, Rogue, Tristam, Soulero, Rameses B… hell, I live under a rock in terms of music and still recognized all of these artists. That only scratches the surface of what they have, and what is soon to come.

Check out a more extensive list of all of Monstercat’s artists here!

In honor of obtaining this permission, I would like to present a challenge to FFR’s simfile artists: you are the army that produces all of the content for our players, and without you guys, we wouldn’t have new content. Let’s show Monstercat a great time and provide some charts for their tracks. If you don’t have a simfile author title, now’s your chance to make a great first impression.

- Before making this announcement, I am going to officially extend the March/April batch by 14 days (May 14th) to begin the influx of files. In addition to this, submissions for a HARD SONGS BATCH will open on May 1st! All files intended for this batch will be sent to [email protected], and, unlike previous hard song batches, SAP rules will be applied! This should increase the overall output of solid harder files by giving our more experienced simfile artists the opportunity to submit to their full cap.

- During batch periods two and three (March/April, May [Hard Song Batch], and June [Regular Batch]), Monstercat submissions will have a credit bounty for acceptance, and the bounty will increase for each file that you get in game. For the first file you get accepted in the queue, you’ll get 20,000 credits, and the bounty for each file will go up by 20,000 credits. A simfile artist with a 5 file cap for two periods could theoretically earn 1.1 million credits (and my gratitude) if they want to devote that kind of time to providing playable content. I would love to squeeze as much Monstercat as possible into the upcoming official tournament, and you guys can help make that happen.

Thank you for giving us the permission for your label, Monstercat! FFR users, keep an eye on the front page for a compiled location for all of Monstercat’s free releases for easy access coming soon. Also be sure to stop at Poison‘s profile and give him thanks for the initial acquisition of this permission!

- TC_Halogen

10th Official Tournament Fundraiser Wrap-Up

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 26th, 201434 Comments »

Over the past week, the Flash Flash Revolution community has come together to help raise an absolutely overwhelming $2,183.25 USD in donations for the 10th Official Tournament fundraiser! After 6 years, officially sanctioned prize pools will be making a grand return – and it will be greater than all previous tournaments combined, with a total tournament cash prize pool of $1,250 USD!

107 keysmashers have generously contributed to the event, averaging an incredible $19.95/donation (only 107 easy payments of $19.95)! Brass “All Skill” Token recipients are encouraged to post their spoils in the “Look what came in the mail” thread or the Fundraiser discussion thread!

“We did it! Our vision will soon come into fruition!” PrawnSkunk exclaimed, elated with the success of his part in the project. In reality however, there was still much to be done. It was all out of his hands though, but he had great faith in the other team members. “We project his speed comprehension and execution to be over 750 BPM – it’s unimaginable!” foxfire667 added, still in disbelief that the final phase was so close. The first phase was completed a mere month ago, after an agonizing 10 months of excruciating labor, and another 3 weeks of testing. From the surface, one might call Synthlight’s plan nothing more than the ramblings of a deranged old man. However, those part of the Super Secret FFR Genetics Team knew it was a challenge worth accepting. Through endless research and countless modifications to the human genome, PrawnSkunk was finally able to successfully restep the sequence to create the ultimate keysmasher.

With the funds raised from the “10th Official Tournament” fundraiser, many limiting factors were alleviated, and the odds were beginning to stack in their favor. After a few weeks past, all of the necessary components were shipped to the lab, and were ready to incubate the insemination mechanically. The entirety of the FFR Genetics Team were readily awaiting the final phase – the step out of calculated simulation, and into reality. Every diagnostic instrument was meticulously placed and checked to ensure no faults would emerge. Now the only step remaining was the press of a button, and the activation key from Synthlight himself. Everyone in the room seemed anxious, as although Synthlight was running the operation, this would be the first time he was showing himself at the laboratory in person.

Despite the expectations of some, Synth’s entrance was rather uneventful. After a quick briefing, Synthlight lifted his hand to the terminal and turned his key. With the lab still in tact, and the readings still positive, the FFR Genetics Team were overcome with excitement. The machines seemed to be operating perfectly so far! In a few years, a new era of arrow smashing might actually begin! Synthlight approached the incubation chamber, gazing upon his creation affectionately. He spoke to it softly. “First person to post on your wall; I just want to welcome you to the insanity we call life. You are going to be Perfect, I can tell!” Synthlight, having graced the team with a decades’ worth of his presence, climbs into his FFRmobile and returns to his secret lair.

Somewhere deep in the heart of America, Synthlight sat back in his swivel chair, raised a pint of liquid freedom to his lips and and muttered softly under his breath,


Thank you to everyone in the community for your support! We wish you the best of luck in the 10th Official Tournament this summer.
PrawnSkunk, TC_Halogen, foxfire667

Site Maintenance

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 23rd, 201414 Comments »

Update 1: Server maintenance is complete, don’t worry if the site is randomly unresponsive for the next little while though. :)
Site might be down for a few hours. Hard drive updates. Thanks.

- Velocity, Zageron, Synthlight