TWG Live I: LIVE Streaming now!

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TWG Live I is currently streaming on Twitch!

Those of you that have an interest in TWG can watch the stream on twitch here:
(Sorry guys, had to remove it from the front page due to complaints!)

Song releases, some updates, and more.

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Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for anything of the sort on the front page. You guys asked on the forums, so I’m giving you an answer, and a few changes.

First off, allow me to begin with some newly released songs.

Musician: Reizoko Cj
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 89
Song Length: 1:25
NOTE: This song is used to unlock CirnoRHTL. Full combo the song with 19 goods or less and 19 boos or less to satisfy the unlock requirement.

Video Out E
Musician: Vospi
Step Artist: Gradiant
Song Genre: Purchased [3,450]
Difficulty: 69
Song Length: 2:16

Only two songs for now, just to tide you guys over while the main attraction is being prepared.

Second: I’d like to give a big shoutout for our tournament winners, finalists, semi-finalists, quarter-finalists, and everyone else who took the time to compete in this large event. To the top 8, enjoy your time in the spotlight! And for those of you who are bothered by the lies and notice that there are actually 9 people in D7: that is what happens when you can’t break AAAs down enough to matter until round 6. Isn’t it lovely?

FFR 10th Official Tournament: Top 8


Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Gekijouban- has officially been moved to Skill Token. Sorry to those of you who really liked the file; it is a great, brutally difficult file and it pains me to move it.

The unlock requirements are as follows: AAA a file rated 89 or higher in difficulty. It is an incredibly steep requirement, and will be the stamp of approval into being considered one of the best players that the game has. Note: I shot Velocity a message about applying retroactivity to not just this token, but all other difficulty milestones (this of course refers to the other Otaku and Scarhand tokens); we’ll see where that leads.

I know it’s not a lot, but hopefully this will suffice as an update for users concerned about not enough information being put out there. Again, I can only speak for myself: I do apologize for any of the issues that I’ve caused, and I am responsible for a large number of them, going down to the tournament starting substantially later than it should have, all the way to pre-tournament where there was a 6 week void in song releases.

- TC_Halogen

10th Official FFR Tournament – Round 8: FINALS

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I am literally the best ever at Photoshop.

Here we are at the finals: down to our final three contenders in each division!
Since it’s the last round, our finalists from each division and the charts they will be playing deserve a special front page shoutout:

Scrambooch by Cloudspires

Stepartist: Silvuh
Difficulty: 56
Starlight_Pwn-3, funiax, and NomadSix are our three D1 finalists, set to battle it out over the next week on Scrambooch. The song is an upbeat chiptune with a tricky swing rhythm throughout, and the chart brings some of the densest arrow patterns D1 has seen yet.

Quad Queens by D.J.Nero

Stepartist: hi19hi19
Difficulty: 64
IwasAsquidOnce, Coldreaver, and alphabet123456 are the select few that have made it to the end in D2. The sounds of horn fanfares, snare drums, and blistering fast piano arpeggios will accompany D2 competitors as they each attempt to claim the gold medal.

Chronostasis by LeaF

Stepartist: ilikexd
Difficulty: 74
BRZF, Xtreme2252, and DJzAIKz are the three from D3 who have put themselves above the rest. Their finals song is quite the chameleon, shifting from drum ‘n’ bass to dubstep to delicate piano harmonies to everything in between- and the file reflects that diversity. Be ready for anything!

Candy Crack Curtain Call by t+pazolite

Stepartist: DarkZtar
Difficulty: 80
Zerkrome, dha, and ShadowDueler97 have made it to the podium in D4 this tournament, and the song they will be playing to determine the order in which they will stand is quite intense. In typical t+pazolite fashion this song clocks in at 240 bpm, so D4 will need to bring everything they have to tackle tough patterns at this blistering pace.

The Labyrinth of Skadi by Blitz Lunar

Stepartist: hi19hi19
Difficulty: 86
rayword45, lurker, and hi19hi19 are the last three standing in D5. They will be battling it out to the sounds of Blitz Lunar’s trademark technical chiptunes, on a unique and exciting file featuring copious amounts of jumpstream and fast burst patterns at 225 bpm for over 4 minutes straight.

Serious Shit by The Quick Brown Fox

Stepartist: ilikexd
Difficulty: 91
African Anger, Lambdadelta, and _Zenith_ are our final three from D6. Setting a new record among public FFR files for average arrow density, Serious Shit is absolutely a file that lives up to its name. The 230 bpm sounds of Renard’s speedcore will set a perfect backdrop for the final showdown in D6.

Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Gekijouban- by cosMo

Stepartist: ilikexd
Difficulty: 97
EtienneSM, samurai7694, and shadow 1800 are the last three standing in D7. To list just a few things, their finals chart features devilishly patterned 200 bpm 32nd bursts, a stream section that speeds up to 343 bpm 16ths, a few dense walls of 12th jumps at 240 bpm, and countless other finger-melting patterns. Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Gekijouban- is truly the finals chart D7 deserves.


The D7 finals chart will be turned into a skill token at the end of the tournament. It is public for this one week only.
Scores will be wiped afterwards unless you qualify for the skill token requirement.

The requirement will be: AAA a difficulty 89 or higher file.
Simply stated, but unlocking this token will a true testament to FFR skill. Be sure to enjoy the file while it is public!

~hi19hi19, with love from TC_Halogen and the rest of the events team <3

10th Official FFR Tournament – Round 7: Semi-Finals

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- TC_Halogen

The FFR Scary Story Event

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Recently, users were pitted against one another to create a chilling tale with FFR as a central theme. One story, crafted by Dark_Chrysalis, swept away the competition and received overwhelming support by all of the voters! If you haven’t already experienced this story, stick around and give it a read. Without further ado, here is a preview of the story that gave users the most goosebumps, “Difficulties”!


As DT145 slowly regained consciousness, he noticed several things out of place. Firstly, someone had removed his clothes and dressed him in grey garb, “DT145″ emblazoned on his sleeve. Secondly, he had no clue what happened the night before. And thirdly, he had no idea where he was anymore. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around and grew increasingly distressed. He was in what appeared to be solitary confinement of some sort. Thick, cement walls surrounded him with a solid steel door the only entrance he could see. He was currently resting on a simple bedframe and mattress bolted to one wall, with a stainless steel toilet to the side. A small, round black dome was in the corner, undoubtedly a security camera. At first he thought he was in a prison of some kind, until he realized that the only source of lighting in the room currently was coming from a computer screen in the far corner with a wooden chair in front of it. Where the hell was he?

He slowly removed himself from his covers and set his bare feet down on the ice-cold floor, wincing a little as he walked towards the light source. Approaching the computer, he noticed it was on a log-in screen of some kind, waiting for him. A little sticky note was on the side of the screen; “LOGIN: DT145 PASSWORD: s82jK3ofl” was written on it. Thinking it would be worth a try to figure out what was all going on, he typed in his information and the screen went black for a few seconds before returning with a nearly blank desktop. All that was on it was a flash player standalone as well as a white square that looked like a chatbox. He could move it around but not delete or remove it. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t on the taskbar, nor were any other folders to go into; he couldn’t even access a start menu of any kind, and keyboard shortcuts didn’t work. He doubleclicked on the flash player and was shocked to find the application it started: the FFR R^3 engine. It didn’t prompt for his username/password, nor did it appear that any songs were in the game for this version.

Even more confused than when he began his investigation, he decided to give the chatbox a try;


There’s a ton more to this tale, and believe me it’s worth the read. Check out the rest of the story here, as it would be a bit large to have in it’s entirety as a front page post.

10th Official FFR Tournament – Round 6: Quarter Finals

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- TC_Halogen

Massive Update Post 2: Website Survey & Suggestion Board

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Under Construction

IMPORTANT FFR DEVELOPMENT STUFF IS HAPPENING! – and for that to happen, we need your input:


User Survey
hi19hi19 has created a front page use survey for how you, the user, interact with the front page and the game.
Please take the time to fill out this quick survey; every answer we receive helps us decide how to move forward with FFR.

Please fill out the Website Use Survey!



Suggestions Board
Long ago, Zageron started up a suggestions form through which hundreds of suggestions were collected. That vanished under the rug for around two years until recently, PrawnSkunk dragged them out and organized them. We have now organized them a tad farther and are opening them to the public for analysis and further contribution.

If you have any suggestions, please visit the Official FFR Suggestions Trello Board and leave a comment… or twelve.

~hi19hi19 and Zageron
Zag actually did most of the writing this time but I totally get to put my name first because I edited it last

10th Official FFR Tournament – Round 5 Previews

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Heh. Turns out I’m a bad liar — here’s your previews!

- TC_Halogen

Massive Update Post 1: Staff Updates

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Lots of new chair for Synthlight.

Hello there FFR!

Lately there’s been a lot of changes around FFR and the staff has put together a string of posts to clarify everything that’s been happening recently.

To start, we’re pleased to announce something that might bring a lot of relief to veteran FFR members…
Synthlight has returned to the administration team as the System Administrator!

For those who don’t know, Synthlight is the original creator, founder, and administrator of the Flash Flash Revolution community. He stepped down from the leading role in late 2010, but has been the site’s sole financial support the entire time. We’re all glad to welcome him back to a more active role.

New Staff
There have been a lot of new additions to staff, so how about some front page recognition for them!

Development team:
hi19hi19 has joined the development team as a User Experience designer. No doubt a familiar face to many due to his simfiles and forum presence, hi19hi19 will be leading the process which will determine how you will experience the site: from what you first see, to how you access the profiles or stats, to even determining the layout of the settings menu inside the game engine.

Silvuh has joined the development team as a User Interface designer. User Interface design encompasses all aspects of the visuals you feast your eyes on whenever you use the site or play the game, so we are glad to have Silvuh working to make sure the site looks as good as possible.

foxfire667 has been on the development team for a while, but never received any official announcement. Let’s change that: he is responsible for the beautiful words that make up the majority of the new FAQ page, and will be continuing to work on documentation and feature analysis. Any feature you suggest or the team thinks up first has to pass his scrutiny!

emerald000 is another development team long-timer who never got official recognition. Focusing on mathematics, emerald has worked on all of the metric calculations that drive the statistical back end of the site. From improved representation of ranks to attempted automation of song difficulty, his job is both behind-the-scenes and incredibly important to the team.

Game and Event management:
DossarLX ODI has been promoted to Game Manager. Dossar is one of the finest keysmashers the site has ever seen, as well as being a well-known simfile judge and simfile artist. He has also long been responsible for frame-fixing some of the site’s more difficult files, and we’re pleased to have him officially join the team that keeps the game running smoothly.

Silvuh has also been promoted to Game Manager. Silvuh is known for being a prominent community figure, prolific simfile artist, and experienced simfile judge. With these skills in mind, we’re glad to have Silvuh on the Game Management team as well!

psychoangel691 has been reinstated as the leader of the events team. As TC_Halogen plans to step down from the events team following the conclusion of the 10th Official Tournament, we’re glad to be able to fill the spot with an experienced candidate. psychoangel691 has proven in the past to be a capable events team member, and it’s our pleasure to be welcoming her back as the new events manager.

Finally, while not officially staff, noname219 deserves a shout-out for his work as the FFR Wiki admin. He has been keeping the Wiki updated and current for a while now, and has more than earned his spot on the front page. If you have questions about FFR or facts to add, don’t forget the Wiki as a resource!

Stay tuned for more announcements over the coming weekends.
Also, don’t forget that the ongoing Official Tournament is ramping up in intensity; we will soon determine the top 16 and follow with files to determine the top 8, so be sure to enjoy following this action too!

~hi19hi19, and also Zageron but he totally made me do all the work :(