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FFR Genre: Legacy
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Song Author
Terror From Beyond Digital Explosion
Get on the Move Antinomie
Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl Digital Explosion
136.6 Chuk and Gek
Shag ToneDeff
The Return F SuperDouble Braille and J5
Seattle's Finest F.T.S.
100 Bar Blackout LVC Productions
FUNK IN G Carl Burnett
Cat Walk II Tomo Fujita
Too Tight Leroy Watkins Jr.
Slap Guitar 2 Tomo Fujita
Legend of Zelda Remix The Rabbit Joint
Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Theme #1 CAPCOM and C. Stewart
SuperMario 8bit Eighties Remix Injury and Koji Kondo
Euphoria [Antinomie] Antinomie
Salad for Your Tuesday Jewpinthethird
Massive (FFR Edit) DJ KANKAOH
HELLBEAT Arktisk (David Poore)
Stay With Me (Unlikely) Celldweller
Resistance ZAO
Until The End Excluded
Rondo Alla Turca Mozart performed by Philip Glass
Moonlight Sonata Beethoven
Caprice Paganini, Shlomo Mintz
Dendrite For Great Justice!
Skellybones Analog Boy
Love You Anymore DJ KANKAOH
Soul Shift (FFR Edit) SGX
Breaking the Common DJ KANKAOH
Flight of the Bumblebee N. Rimsky-Korsakov
Contradistinction SGX
Beethoven Virus BanYa
One Minute Waltz Chopin
Burnout SGX
Secret Zombie Room For Great Justice!
Trip to the Moon (Club Remix) Nina - Goddess of Dance
Uber Rave DJ RageVI
Emotions Trance [] Control
Blank Knowing The Fat's Sabobah
Life Goes On For Great Justice (feat Sashcat)
Halcyon [SGX] SGX
Dance 2 This DJ KANKAOH
Computer Dreams Nina - Goddess of Dance
Crystalis - House Leaves (Remix) SNK remixed by Neo Storm
This Beat is For Tha Streets! DJ KANKAOH
For Who I Am Excluded
Bubbleman Stage Theme Project X
Metalman Goes Clubbing Disco Dan
The Last Firstborn Celldweller
4F73R M3 (FFR Edit) SGX
Falling Into You Square Bear and Yana Kay
Activity Unbroken SGX
The Color of Battle SGX
Stalled Out and Sushi Bars The Fat's Sabobah
Ball of Malt The Shots
Raindrops Toby Emerson
CIA Rave DJ Ascent
Runny Mornings (SGX Mix) FFMusicDJ
She Bangs (William Hung Version) Ricky Martin & Fox Broadcasting
Lethal Injection RaZor
Spontaneous Hydroxide Dj Destruction
Alpha Helix For Great Justice!
Freak Out Azim
Molto Vivace Franz Liszt