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FFR Genre: Token
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Song Author
Hardcore of the North Digital Explosion
Xuxa Smiley
Takecore of Yourself DJ Sharpnel
Tsugaru 180 New Version Remixed by Vospi
{Satori} cornandbeans
Psychosis DM Ashura
Sifon xTrance
Anubis Banzai
Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star v2 Jea
Silence v2 FFmusic DJ
Attack of One Minute MSTKa
Roller Coaster Ride sleeplessdragn
Naisyaodakunyan MOSAIC.WAV
CIA Rave v2 DJ Ascent
Fall KgZ
Samurai Road beatMARIO
Vertex BETA vrofl Silvia
Forza Azzuri Cranky
Ride Out ASK
Bike Thief (Tubeway Remix) Freezepop
Kagami KaW
Sunny Starry Carnival Fether
Kakke Ecko (I Love J-Core Forever Mixxx) Society Suckers
Strawberry Silvuh
Gaussian Blur Kil
Ice Candy Pop Yossy
Field of Snow [Standard] KgZ
Rocking Ass Star Salzman
Sicilian Sun OSTER project
Orchestral Angels dj-nate
Happy Rainbow OSTER project
Quickdraw KgZ
Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra) Paradise Decay
Here We Go Renard
Dendrite v2 For Great Justice!
Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix] SGX
Tell v3 (Extended Mix) Symphonius feat. Rossini
PianoCore X0-000
You Gotta B-E-E-R! The Groundbreakers
The Wises Were Wrong Aliceffekt
Korean Madness TANUKI
World End's Yama Xanadu t+pazolite
The Games We Played (Full Edition) aspergian
Fractured Sunshine Terminal 11
Unconnected. t+pazolite
Touhou Judgment in the Sixtieth Year S.S.H.
The Bridgeport Run The Flashbulb
Bedtime Story Virt
Game Genie Shnabubula
Strangeprogram v0 DJ Sharpnel
Gerudo Valley Machinae Supremacy
Loot Burn Repeat Machinae Supremacy
Reckless, but Spotless t+pazolite
Mario Trap Andrew Huang