St. Patrick’s Day Contest ~CLOSED~

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 19th, 2012

Nice skirt~

So a number of people entered, not as many as I was hoping, but still some original and neat outfits/photos!

To the right of this text we have popsicle_3000, who only had a tie in his wardrobe that fitted the green requirements, but came up with a garden based skirt to make his entry by far the most unique and crazy. Congratulations!! Enjoy your 50,000 credits and the suite of exclusive tokens that come with it.

Congratulations are also in order for CammyGoesRawr, j-rodd123, TheThong, EmmyBeee & gold stinger!! All of these charming green peeps have won themselves 10,000 credits, and their choice of one of the 4 tokens mentioned in the previous post.

Our 5 runner up prizes were difficult to decide between, but rest assured we are thankful for everyone who took some time out of their weekend to take a snap and send it in. So give a hand to our other entries (alloyus, woker-X, igotrhythm, x_lambourghini_x, iironiic, xMUSICxMASTERx, typing like wat, Choofers & justin_ator. All of which have earned themselves 5,000 credits! (you will all need to post on my wall which of the 4 tokens you’d like)

popsicle_3000′s winning pic can be seen full size here. And here are the runner up images from j-rodd123, TheThong, CammyGoesRawr, Gold Stinger & EmmyBeee.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, same time next year I guess. :)


40 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Contest ~CLOSED~”

  1. firstttttttttt

  2. i win? 2nd

  3. fingers crossed!!!

  4. nahh i didnt even play sadly :(

  5. o

  6. o

  7. How the hell was Justin not a runner up?

  8. It was a toss-up between justin and cammy tbh… Emmy was obv at an actual irish festival (bonus points), j-rodd had the only beer in any pic (bonus points), Thong had so many elements and made a gif (bonus points) & gold stinger was covered with green… I was going to give it to both, but then I noticed that justin has already attained all 4 tokens that were on offer :)

  9. O_o I thought the contest was wear AS MUCH as possible, not as little as possible..

  10. woohoo!!!!

  11. “dress up in as much green as they possibly can, the crazier the photos the better.”

    Sorry Em, but wearing more green clothing vs. wearing ‘parts of your garden as a skirt to make up for green you don’t have’ is a bit of a tough call. But pops pic was by far the craziest and most daring xD

  12. what the f-

    I mean, congrats, popsicle!

  13. Bahaha, nice pic! Deserving of the win for sure. Shame I was away for the weekend and missed this!

  14. Lol, i knew popsicle would take it ;D congrats everyone. (:

  15. LOOOOOL that is an e(pic)
    Props to everyone who submitted!

  16. lmfao

  17. refer to the latest random thought on my profile for my feelings on this contest

  18. ps also wasnt it strictly against the contest rules to have any signs of nudity in your pictures?

  19. Um. I thought one of the rules was “No nudity”. There’s clearly nudity in the winning picture. I call a scandal.

  20. i say he can keep the credits but take the tokens away or just take his prize away overall

  21. i see no penis

  22. ^they said no nudity that obviously includes having your shirt off and barely having any pants on

  23. jeez calm down it was just a contest, theres gonna be more. not like you were gonna win anyway, i mean you’re just wearing a hat

  24. my shirt was also green dumbass and i never win these contests and he was breaking the contest rules so i do have a right to complain/put this out there

  25. oh sorry that the tiniest bit of a green shirt was also showing…….sck

  26. ^no need to be a douchebag

  27. h9

  28. plz downvote me !!

  29. lolwut

  30. His picture is no worse than a guy in swim trunks at the beach. This isn’t nudity.

  31. Or a speedo for that matter lol

  32. ^well put

  33. yeah I thought the picture was funny, I was just saying that it was weird. Thanks for clearing that up.
    I’m pretty sure the mods and admins know the rules better than you guys do. If they approve of an image.. well that’s that.

  34. He has a mirror in his kitchen… awesome

  35. punchable face or what

  36. Congrats to popsicle, but I don’t want to see the pic anymore plz

  37. dw bmah, new songs come out in a few days. Hang in there ;D

  38. Propsicle_over9000.

  39. Should have come back on FFR earlier and posted mine. ;) Had a green morphsuit with a green brimmed beanie, black buddy holly glasses with purple stripes on the sides and my nixon watch. Raved all night :P

  40. Also thanks to whoever finally added a log in screen to ffrndanotherway. Really cuts down on the bull with using the stand alone. :)

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