St Patrick’s Day and Birthday Release 2019

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 17th, 2019

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! For this release we have two new token charts for you to enjoy in addition to the celebration.

Today is also the birthday of our FFR Average Rank 1 player, One Winged Angel! Happy Birthday is the second shortest song ingame, behind Excite Bike.

Alice in misanthrope
Musician: LeaF
Step Artist: gameboy42690
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Gothic Choir
Difficulty: 82
Song Length: 2:25
* Pass Alice’s Garden with at least 344 perfects and at least 172 max combo.

Happy Birthday
Musician: LEAF XCEED Music Division
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Happy Rock
Difficulty: 49
Song Length: 0:17
* Pass Pita with 106 perfects and 20 boos.

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- The Game Management Team

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  1. happy birthday OWA

  2. happy birthday OWA!

  3. happy birthday my dude! o/

  4. happy birthday OWA :)

  5. happy birth :)

  6. Very late but thanks kiddos and assrod for the unexpected song release lol

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