SOTW Postponed

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 17th, 2020

Hey all,

I’m sure many of you have also been affected by the situation going on with the Corona virus. It smacked us pretty hard over here with closures for schools and a lot of businesses, let alone just trying to get some supplies to handle having kids in the house extra time and there being nothing left to even buy or order.

I haven’t had much opportunity to get the queue filled back up with all the more recently accepted stuff so I’m delaying today’s release to tomorrow so I have some more time to provide you a good release. I will be working on getting the conditional queued stuff over to VisD to take a look at and any files that have been passed or need an appeal will be getting sorted and sent over to other judges this week as well.

I’m sorry for the delay and I appreciate your patience. I hope you’re all staying healthy out there and doing alright with all these closures going on.


7 Responses to “SOTW Postponed”

  1. last

  2. carona strikes again folks

  3. corona bad

  4. Take your time guys!

  5. Highkey thought Matthias was joking but I guess not- but yeah take y’all’s time, do whatever required to stay healthy and what not. ^-^

  6. No worries, stay safe everyone.

  7. Cabronavirus

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