Songs of the Week (Mar. 19, 2017)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 19th, 2017

Exothermic (Overheat Remix)
Musician: Virt remixed by Yamajet
Step Artist: bmah
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Drum and Bass
Difficulty: 84
Song Length: 2:06

Musician: Pegboard Nerds
Step Artist: MarioNintendo
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Glitch Hop
Difficulty: 57
Song Length: 2:16

Koi no Sakisaki Revolution desu yo
Musician: OSTER Project feat. hana-tan
Step Artist: Silvuh
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 55
Song Length: 2:12

- TC_Halogen

8 Responses to “Songs of the Week (Mar. 19, 2017)”

  1. minijacks
    (Also Exothermic is prolly like 81?)


  3. Yo yall need to fix this -2 offset nonsense. Its stupid, at this rate a chunk of songs are gunna have a -2 offset and new players/returning players are gunna no what tf is wrong. -2 isnt a lot, but its definitely noticable…

  4. I need to use -3 global for this batch, -1 for the previous 2017 sotws, and 1 for everything else. It’s getting worse o.o

  5. how do i get it to say simfile author on my profile

  6. @klimtkiller Whoops! I have added you to the Simfile Authors usergroup. :^)

  7. Happy Easter from your FFR jew :)

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