Songs of the Week: Feb. 26th, 2017

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on February 26th, 2017

Oi. Three songs today.

i wanna fuck the moon
Musician: keffie
Step Artist: PrawnSkunk
Song Genre: Arcade
Style: Chiptune
Difficulty: 75
Song Length: 0:58

Scrambled Eggman
Musician: Braincells, SnappleMan
Step Artist: Silvuh
Song Genre: Arcade
Style: VG Rock Remix
Difficulty: 81
Song Length: 3:13

Musician: xi
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Artcore
Difficulty: 79
Song Length: 2:07

- TC_Halogen

9 Responses to “Songs of the Week: Feb. 26th, 2017”

  1. I wanna fuck the moon too :(


  3. All the files offsets are off i think

  4. I wanna fuck the moon – good chart to practice skilled mashing on. Song is nice too.

    Scrambled Eggman – beast song. Chart is not too challenging either. Very fun.

    Agartha – I think I’ve found a new use for this. Overall, great song choice and well made chart.

  5. I’m sorry max but FUCK the moon.

  6. i wanna fuck the moon is really cute, for how fast it is it’s really comfy to play. Nice song choice too

  7. @iwaso (bcuz “Reply To” doesn’t seem to be working). I think all the files added in 2017 have offsets that are normal – 2 for some reason :/

  8. huh weird.. idk if reply to is working properly.

  9. ‘not phi-dentity crisis’ was the original name for i wanna fuck the moon

    the more you know ;)

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