Songs of the Week 12/31/19

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 31st, 2019

Man, our very last songs of the week of 2019. I don’t know about you all, but 2019 blew past and was a heck of a rollercoaster. I know there’s some of you here that are already in 2020 so Happy New Year to you! For those of us still in past land Happy New Year’s Eve! No matter where you are on the globe I wish you all a happy and healthy 2020. Anyway, on to this week’s songs:

Fastest Pointer-Finger in the West
Musician: Ryan Ike
Step Artist: devonin
Difficulty: 3
Song Length: 0:05

Black Lair
Musician: Sakuzyo
Step Artist: Reshiram
Difficulty: 68
Song Length: 2:25

Final Boss
Musician: Nitro Fun
Step Artist: Psychotik
Difficulty: 73
Song Length: 2:01

Musician: LeaF
Step Artist: Skullbac
Difficulty: 80
Song Length: 2:31

While Sleeping (The Big Sleep)
Musician: The Ghost of 3.13
Step Artist: Deamerai
Difficulty: 98
Song Length: 2:45

Oh, and on a quick note, batch for Jan/Feb will be opening up shortly as well as an official tournament special batch. Keep an eye in the forum for the threads for more details.


- psychoangel691 & The Game Management Team

10 Responses to “Songs of the Week 12/31/19”

  1. Happy New Decade!!

  2. Woo, 5 seconds and 13 notes.

  3. hooray for framer fucced jacks haha

  4. They’re not even 4-framers

  5. devonin too OP!!

  6. they are 1 framers on 1x speed haha

  7. HAHA coool!

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