Songs of the Week 12/10/19

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 10th, 2019

Hello, hello! Just popping in with your songs of the week:

Time and Space
Musician: Bill Kiley
Step Artist: Pizza69
Difficulty: 23
Song Length: 2:12

Bloody Mary, Kate And Ashley
Musician: PUP
Step Artist: storn42
Difficulty: 41
Song Length: 2:43

{Stay With Me} [Heavy]l
Musician: Cornandbeans
Step Artist: psychoangel691
Difficulty: 59
Song Length: 2:45

Coconut Aventure
Musician: ponkichi
Step Artist: suicidaln00b
Difficulty: 86
Song Length: 2:39

Tachyon Beam Cannon
Musician: Aquellex
Step Artist: Shxfted
Difficulty: 114
Song Length: 4:13


- psychoangel691 & The Game Management Team

7 Responses to “Songs of the Week 12/10/19”

  1. Finally got my first file in the game :)

  2. ahh fuck the beast has been unleashed. i will prob be too scared to play that until the weekend.

  3. congrats storn!!

  4. oh… oh oh no… That’s not good-

  5. oh no

  6. Tachyon Beam Cannon

  7. Yo coconut aventure is a bopper

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