Songs of the Week 11/26/19

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on November 26th, 2019

Hello again, just poppin’ in with your songs of the week. Check ‘em out!

Musician: Acid Paradox
Step Artist: devonin
Difficulty: 1
Song Length: 1:09

Hate You
Musician: Toby Fox
Step Artist: boomerangbro10
Difficulty: 50
Song Length: 1:57

Shotgun Senorita
Musician: Blue Stahli
Step Artist: XelNya
Difficulty: 64
Song Length: 2:44

Musician: Atomhead
Step Artist: choof
Difficulty: 82
Song Length: 1:41

Musician: Stellabee
Step Artist: EzExZeRo7497
Difficulty: 87
Song Length: 1:52


- psychoangel691 & The Game Management Team

8 Responses to “Songs of the Week 11/26/19”

  1. yo

  2. It’s very nice to see more difficulty 1′s!

  3. devonin 2 stronkk

  4. sick

  5. is that really by toby fox? i guess he didnt make it for undertale/deltarune

  6. maybe deltarune part 2?

  7. sorry for double-post

  8. @klimtkiller – nope, Hate You is off of Homestuck Vol. 9, about three years before Undertale!

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