Simfile DB Fixed! Gambling Hall Dead :(

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution, Simfiles on May 31st, 2009

I’m sorry guys…  the internet police have officially given up their search for our missing gambling hall.  It is presumed dead.  Maybe one day we’ll find the body afloat in the river, or a hiker will discover half-eaten pieces off a rarely used trail.  Who knows.  It is a sad day…  shed a tear with me.

Juxaposed to that sadness, the simfile db is officially fixed.  There had been issues since mid-April, but no more!  And expect none in the future for many years.  So upload all your kickass charts today!


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  1. That gambling hall was my best friend … :( … R.I.P GH :)

  2. oh noes!

  3. You’re kidding. I lost all my credits in the gambling hall, and was working to earn then all back.

  4. *tear* R.I.P GH…Time of death anyone?

  5. :\ i was also trying to earn my credits back :[
    but the gambling hall will be missed had alot of good times in that place… :\

    *moment of silence*……………………………….

  6. Aw, that sucks. But yay to Simfile DB fix. Upload your non-kickass files too.

  7. How did the hall disappear? But anyways, I could care less now that I is rich. And the glitch (rhyme intended) is not a worry anymore. Homepage updates FTW!

  8. Well, look on the bright side: no more dying credits! Cool with the SIMDB fix…will the fixes apply retroactively to all files?

  9. lol now im scared to give all my credits away in my tourney


  11. No.I will miss the gambling hall,even though i don’t know it.

  12. It’s always good to quit while you’re ahead. Thankfully, I did just that. Gambling Hall Rest In Peace. I wont miss you. ^_^

  13. I would shed a tear . . . If it didn’t take all my credits on more than 1 occasion :)

  14. I quit while I was ahead (way ahead).

  15. I ended with the same amount of credits as I started a year ago.


  16. BDN: i’m not actually sure… the only files affected were once from mid-april til yesterday or so. so if you uploaded something in that time, check it out and see. if you upped it before mid-april, it’s fine.

  17. juxtaposed*

  18. I think it’s a good thing that the gh disappeared, now I’ll actually try earning my credits the hard way.
    It would be better in the long run, because if you really want more credits you’ll have to EARN them. :D

  19. You’d have better luck getting rid of the User map that doesn’t work before the Gambling hall that does.

  20. Well that’s good for all the people who became addicted to it but damn… ;.;

    Any plans to recreate the FFR Gambling Hall somehow?


  22. I was number 1 for like a lot of things (besides the negative crap) for a whileeeee. But, then, I lost them all. Fermble..credits get boring without gambling. :X

  23. theyre just leaving us hanging, theyll renovate the gambling hall, fix it up a bit then make a post saying ‘it washe up on shore and they fixed it’ or something and everyone will be going through their lives normally. if this is not the case, then you should raise the credit cap.

  24. you guys suck. you just didnt like the fact people were winning a lot and all those complaining about losing. You all fail. :P 50% or more of this site is boring now. XD

  25. Can’t we just recode one? I mean, besides the fact that we probably have a backup somewhere.

    Maybe it’s engler’s fault, he sent a blank challenge again and the server is crashing.

  26. R.I.P

    but yay for sm database fix! :D

  27. I’m so happy now xD I was becoming so addicted to it, and I kept losing everything D:

  28. can’t you just recode it back?

  29. Yeah, this should come back soon. I REALLY hope that this gets back on FFR. >.>

  30. Yay! Thank you so much for fixing that really annoying bug that prevented me from playing the newly uploaded simfiles’ charts on FFR R2. ^^

    But… the gambling hall. *tear* I haven’t ever used it before, but I’ve wanted to in the past and now that it’s gone is a sad day indeed.

  31. So, the gambling hall was for you Tass to take our credits right?

  32. Can we get a definite answer as to whether simfiles uploaded between 4/18 and 5/26 will ever be back? I don’t want to start re-uploading just to find out that they’ve all been restored.

    I’m guessing the files are still on the server (as the bug apparently only affected parsing the .dwi files for use in Resonance), so would it be possible to re-process those files and put them back on the simfile DB?

  33. Say good bye to future big unofficial tournaments.

    I still find it strange. How can something be there one day and then just apparently “vanish”? Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  34. I think its a bluff. Tass can always encrypt Java and rewrite the code.

    I could be wrong though, maybe I’m overthinking this…

  35. Charlo: they’re gone… re-upload anything from that timeframe.

  36. Juxtaposed*

  37. oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhcome on not know ok but your gonna still fixing them ok…………………………….tass

  38. god damn tass
    now it’s time to raise the credit cap

  39. Make a new one. Lol. Or raise the cap. ;)

  40. The gambling hall was bad anyway; it destroyed credits.


  41. Tass: what about Resonance? Any upgrades in the future what will stop it from being mega off sync?

  42. Gambling wasnt bad, it was the only way to make some cred without wasting hours playing the game. Only people who dont know how to control or gambling wisely lost all their creds to it and thats their fault. But ya, if you deleted it cuz of that hacker who brought mroe creds into the FFR economy then their should be, just trace them down and ban them or put their creds in neg, cuz if this is the case why it closed, thats dumb because people hack and stuff on FFR the game all the time and FFR isnt closed, so why close gambling. So ya, either open it back up or raise the cred cap please. :)

  43. “Only people who dont know how to control or gambling wisely lost all their creds to it and thats their fault”

    *raises hand* ;)

  44. RIP.

  45. Raise the credit cap please – it gets obnoxious getting 40 credits for FCing a loooong song, when I could FC a much shorter song and get about the same amount.

  46. Raise credit cap.

    I only gambled 10 credits on FFR once in my life and I lost them, and that was my sign to quit. I still have a steady amount of credits. However, I would be much further ahead if I had not spent so much on Purchased songs. I would think that having 10.5bil in raw Grand Total would lead me to more than 163k credits. There are people that have hundreds of thousands of credits.

  47. Tass. I have an idea that would make a lot of us feel 10x better about the Gambling Hall dying (RIP). MAYBE we should have a new token. XD

  48. I’m going to side with all of those people that say lift the credit cap–with credit gambling gone, you need to compensate somehow.

  49. Good thing my last bet in the gambling hall was winning a 100k XD. I miss the gambling hall :,(

  50. “I’m going to side with all of those people that say lift the credit cap–with credit gambling gone, you need to compensate somehow.”
    ^ This.

  51. notice how tass hasnt replied to anything to do with gambling yet, he is obviously hiding something

  52. Maybe preventing another hacking of credits?


  54. Maybe it wasnt stolen maybe it was corrupt or hacked

  55. I lol’d at breaker.

  56. I was down voted because people don’t like achievement tokens or because non-subscribers can’t view the link?

  57. “notice how tass hasnt replied to anything to do with gambling yet, he is obviously hiding something”


  58. well clearly this is a consiperacey

  59. is the simfile database on the website or not

  60. i want so bad enter to the simfile database…
    plz help how can i enter to download again. u.u

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