R^3 v1.3.0 – Release

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on October 1st, 2020

With 149 changed files, 8533 additions and 7921 deletions, this may be one of the largest engine releases we’ve done with a massive amount of work done by Velocity (@Psycast) going into refactoring major core components such as the Song Selection and Game Results screen.

This this release comes Favorite Songs, Purchasing Songs within the game, tracking of Full Combos even when it’s not the best score, better accuracy graphs, and a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

As always the download links for the release can be found in the left sidebar with the blue Download button or by clicking here, if you run into any issues, be sure to drop an issue over at our issue tracker.

So without farther ado, here’s the change list for rCubed 1.3.0 released:

Engine Loading:

Rewrite Noteskins to use Embedded Data instead of Network – Velocity (@Psycast)
Loading the noteskin SWF data from the server was previously used to provided easier ways for noteskins to be added without requiring a new engine build.

Since the inclusion of Custom Noteskins, no new noteskins have been added to the network noteskins for many years and just adds to the engine load time.

This rewrite embeds all current noteskin data into the game to remove network loading, optimizes how it’s loaded, and add documentation and general code cleanup to the overall class.

Reduce login loading time – Andrew WCY (@G-flat)
Cuts back the amount of extra reloading the game has to do when logging in or changing users as only 3 of the 5 game files actually change depending on the active user and reloading the others is a waste of time.

Add Reload Engine / User to global context menu – Velocity (@Psycast)
Adds a menu to the global context menu to reload engine and user data without closing the game.

Add Profile Change in context menu – Sploder12 (@Sploder12)
Allows the player to change the active logged in use from the global context without closing the game.

Song Selection – Velocity (@Psycast):

Song Selection was the first target of a massive refactor effort by Velocity, aiming to clean up years of technical debt and add full documentation to the source code.
In total, memory usage was reduced by about 30-40% and playlist rendering is about 20-25% faster on average due to the UI component rewrites detailed lower.

Beyond that, the menu also received a magnitude of features that have either hidden in context menus or have existed in older engines but not brought forward until now.

Menu State Saving:
- Fixed many inconsistencies with how the menu is saved when switching views, so now when returning from the results screen, everything is restored exactly as it was.

Song Item:
- The highlighted song item will now correctly update when a song item is moved or removed in response to filters or genre switching.
    - The Song Info tab will also now accurately display the selected song at all times.
- Favorite Song: Displays the difficulty with a small pink triangle and pink difficulty text. This can also be filtered on.
- Song Notes: Displayed on the scroll list when hovering over a song item. This can be disabled in the Visual options screen.
- Full Combo*: Full Combos are now tracked separately from the current score, allowing you to see and track songs that have been FCed previously but not the current score.
    - This is the lowest priority flag, so if the current score is a normal FC or better (eg. SDG), then it won’t display the FC*.

Song Item Context Menu – Andrew WCY (@G-flat):
- Add “Listen to Song Preview”: Plays the song while still on the menu.
- Add “Play Chart Preview”: Plays the the chart like the preview on the website with auto-play.
- Add “Remove from Queue”: When viewing the queue, allows removal of a song from the queue.

Song Info:
- Purchasable Songs can now be purchased directly in the game instead of opening the shop.
- Star Rating has been changed to display your personal rating instead of the global rating. It’s also smaller and should no longer overlap with longer song titles.
- Song length now includes note count when provided from the playlist.
- “Add to Queue”, “Highscores”, “Song options” now use Icon Buttons to reduce text clutter. These include hover text to still display what they are.
- Highscores will now display the PA count when hovering over a entry.

Per Song Options:
- Now have a dedicated menu button on the song info panel, which used to be accessible on the context menu.
- Favorite Song has been added.
- Song Ratings, and all features within panel now fully work with Alt Engine songs as well.

- The Icons used for switch Genre Type and the Menu Music Controls have been updated.


Static Judge Animations – Velocity (@Psycast)
Removes the moving/flashing animations on the judgments during gameplay.

Additional Combo Colors – justin_ator (@Xyr00)
Several additional Combo Color options have been added, expanding on the previous colors for AAA, FC, and Normal.
These additional colors cover the remaining flags for score and can be enabled/disabled on a per flag basis:
- Black Flag
- Average Flag
- Boo Flag
- Miss Flag

Fix Note Isolation Bounds – Velocity (@Psycast)
Prevent invalid isolation values from causing a soft-lock or crash.

Game Results – Velocity (@Psycast):

Game Results was the second target for refactoring and source code documentation.
The main goals were to expand the accuracy graph to provide much more detailed information, reduce the UI clutter by switching to new Box Icons, and and more strict validation to parts of the gameplay that were often handled in unsafe ways.

Star Rating:
- Will now display the full Song Options popup instead of just the star rating.
- Is now always displayed.

Combo Graph:
- Rewritten to use the new system.

Accuracy Graph:
- Rewritten to use the new system.
- Adds text to denote where Early and Late are on the graph.
- Adds text to display the full note count for the song in the top right of the graph.
- Adds hovering to view on a per note basis the exact timing results.
- Adds boos to the result graph.
- Adds a toggle to the right side of the graph to flip the axis.
    - This was previously found in the Other tab on the settings panel.
- Adds a “Judge Offset” display to the right of the graph, which displays the estimated correct judge offset in frames for the settings panel, and milliseconds.
    - This was previously displayed in a context menu on the game mods.
- Disable the “Highscores” button on Alt Engine songs as it would just crash the game.


- Disable Hotkey when in a textfield.
- Redraw options when resetting.

UI Components – Velocity (@Psycast):

- Box: Now uses one sprite instead of three and has optimized drawing. Reduces overall UI memory usage by around 40% due to it’s heavy use.
- BoxButton: Now extends Box.
- BoxText: Now extends Box.
- BoxText: Now extends Box.
- BoxCheck: A white dot has also been added to the center to make it more apparent it’s checked.
- ScrollPane: Optimized Redrawing. Around 20% faster when displaying large list.

Several Regressions from 1.2.4 – Velocity (@Psycast):

- Black background in song loading screens.
- Build info string shown in gameplay background.
- Game freezes when playing with custom noteskin without noteskin data.
- Game freezing at the start of song due to improper object pool filling creating 12,672 objects instead of 144.
- Fix receptor layer position.

Stay safe, don’t give up, and be kind to one another.
- Velocity and the FFR Development Crew.

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    On another note, I’m not sure what the Undertale song links are about, but other than their possible relation to the hyperlink texts, the first letters of each song name combined (in order) are ‘HDGF’, and using a Caesar cipher, we can get ‘MILK’. Any ideas?

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  19. Static Judge Animations – Velocity (@Psycast)
    Removes the moving/flashing animations on the judgments during gameplay.

    I love you <3

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